Affiliate Marketing: Complete Guide

Affiliate Marketing: Complete Guide

Affiliate marketing has become the most used strategy to earn money from home independently. After all, there are dozens of affiliate programs that pay good commissions.

In short, affiliate marketing is a strategy whose objective is to expand the sales channels of a product on the internet.

In addition, affiliate marketing allows you to earn money at home by selling third-party products.

After all, these sales can be made in any digital environment, a blog, social media, sponsored ads, etc.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is about selling your own products and allowing third parties to market them in exchange for commissions on every sale.

Today, thousands of people work from the comfort of their homes selling infoproducts on the internet, providing a superior quality of life and a better salary.

Affiliate Marketing: Complete Guide

In practice, it works like this:

  1. Affiliates are able to generate revenue on their websites, social networks, blogs and other means by selling third-party products;
  2. Producers, as the people who create these digital products are called , are able to sell more through this network, achieving greater revenue;
  3. Customers, who are the people who buy these products, have access to a multitude of options, allowing the purchase to be more assertive according to the need itself.

But despite appearing to be an innovative idea, this business model emerged in the United States in the 1990s.

At the time, Amazon created its affiliate program, allowing people to advertise the company's products in exchange for commissions on every sale.

Thus, many people signed up as affiliates of the company and did the advertising service, enabling Amazon to become one of the most valuable companies in the world.

The possibilities are endless and many people have not only managed to start working from home, but have become rich with this business model.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

One of the main benefits of affiliate marketing is that this strategy is a two-way street, meaning it is good for both the producer and the seller.

In addition, it is possible to sell with invasive advertisements, relevant content geared towards a specific persona, and other means of dissemination.

But affiliate marketing does not have to be your main source of income, it is also used to supplement income.

This way you can keep your current job.

Another important information about this business model is that you do not need to pay to become an affiliate, entry into these networks is completely free.

Therefore, it is possible to be able to sell on a recurring basis without having to invest.

Ideally, you use your most engaging channel, whether it's a blog, your social media or email marketing.

I recommend that you read my guide on how to get real Instagram followers to increase the visibility of your social media marketing.

How does affiliate marketing work?

In short, affiliate marketing works like this:

  1. A producer launches a product on the internet;
  2. The producer allows people to affiliate with the product to advertise;
  3. Every time an affiliate makes a sale on your unique link, you receive a commission.

Affiliate-marketing-sites and platforms

There are several sites and platforms with affiliate programs, check out the most famous ones.


Hotmart is a platform where people and companies register their products, whether physical or digital, regardless of niche.

Some products on the platform have commissions of up to 80%, just join the products.

In addition, you can register for any product, regardless of language and country of origin, which allows you to earn commissions in other currencies.

That's why affiliate marketing at Hotmart is the most sought after by those starting out.


Monetizze was founded in 2005, on this platform you can sell digital and physical products.

One of the advantages of subscribing to Monetizze products is the possibility to choose between different types of commission.

So, here's how affiliate marketing compensation works at Monetizze:

  • Progressive remuneration;
  • Single sale;
  • Subscription (recurring payments).


Eduzz is a good platform to generate income as an affiliate by selling products and services.

One of the advantages of Eduzz is that commissions are paid from two business days after the sale is concluded.

Also, affiliate marketing at Eduzz is the first choice of many people who earn money from home with this strategy.


Lomadee is an excellent option, as it is a partner of large companies such as Centauro, Nike, Electrolux, Decathlon, Pagseguro, Lojas Americanas, Amazon and others.


In short, Udemy is one of the largest online course platforms in the world.

On Udemy you can get great commission rates, plus they have a lot of exclusive content in multiple languages.


Hostgator is a reference in hosting websites and buying domains.

As a Hostgator affiliate you can get up to R$175.00 per sale.

In addition, some people earn more than R$4,000 per month as an affiliate of the company.

The only downside to the hostgator affiliate program is that to register, you must have a CNPJ.


Amazon was one of the first companies to create an affiliate program, offering commissions of up to 15% of the value of each sale.

Commissions vary by product category.

Affiliates must go through a qualification process where their websites, blogs, social networks and applications are evaluated.

Magazine Luiza

Magazine Luiza recently created its affiliate program, offering a free online store where you can sell any product available in the company's catalogue.

One of the main advantages of Magalu's affiliate program is that commissions can reach up to 12% of the total sale value.

In addition, commissions are transferred to your bank account automatically when they reach R$50.00.


There are several strategies to sell using affiliate marketing, the type is chosen by the producer according to the product.

After all, there are two strands of affiliate marketing, one for lead generation and one for conversion.

Learn about the types of affiliate programs and how each one works.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

In the cost-per-click program, the affiliate receives a commission for each click received on the advertising banner, link or pop-up.

In this case, the affiliate's earnings only depend on the users clicking on the ad.

Cost Per Action (CPA)

Unlike cost per click, cost per action only remunerates the affiliate after the user clicks on the advertisement and takes a specific action on the producer's page.

In other words, the action can be a quote request, a purchase, a registration, etc.

In these cases, the difficulty is a little higher, even if the commission amount is higher, requiring the affiliate to use their persuasion and influence to convince people that the product is good and the purchase is safe.

Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

In this type of program, the affiliate receives a fixed amount from the advertiser or producer for every thousand views of the advertisement.

It is worth remembering that each impression is equivalent to a view, that is, to get a thousand impressions, it is necessary to have a thousand hits on the pages that contain the advertising.

This way, the cost per thousand impressions is only interesting when the affiliate's website has many hits, regardless of how many clicks are received on the link.

Cost per sale (CPV)

In the cost-per-sale program, commission is paid to the affiliate when the shared link generates a sale.

Also, this is the best option for small producers.

The platforms that make the affiliate programs available generate exclusive links for each partner, allowing you to know through which channel the user reached that product before purchasing it.

Cost per valid lead (CPL)

The cost per valid lead is a little different from the options mentioned above, this format only generates commission when the user becomes a lead for the advertiser.

This means that in addition to the user clicking on the advertisement, they need to fill out a form or contact the producer.

Cost per form (CPF)

In cost per form, commission is generated when the user fills out a form.

In other words, each person (CPF) who fills out the form, no matter how simple or complex, the affiliate's commission is paid.

Best digital marketing strategies for affiliate marketing

There are several digital marketing strategies that can be used to sell affiliate program products.

So, it's up to the seller (affiliate) to use the one that best suits the type of product chosen.

In some cases, producers give outreach tips and offer support to help the affiliate sell more.

Check out below for the best digital marketing strategies to sell more as an affiliate.

Blogs and Websites

If you already have a blog or website, you can use it to sell products as an affiliate.

Also, if your page already has a specific niche, you can only affiliate with products from your niche, this way, your conversion rate will be higher.

One of the advantages of using web pages to sell products is the ability to practice your editorial freedom by following the language you've always used with your audience.

A popular method is the product review, allowing you to break down all the points of the product and at the end, place the affiliate link, where the user will click to make the purchase.

Using SEO and paid traffic helps increase your website hits, making your advertising appear to more people.

Email marketing

Do you already have a valid email base? If so, use the email marketing strategy to inform your audience about the products.

But you don't need to talk about the product in the first email, ideally start by awakening the public's need for what you intend to sell.

Social networks

Most affiliates use social media to sell, therefore, as you already know the profile of people who follow you, join products that are of interest to these people, this will increase your sales.

Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are the most used due to the amount of people present on these networks.


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, second only to Google, over 46,000 years of videos are watched each year.

How many times were you watching a video on Youtube and you came across the influencer talking about a product? This has become very common.

After all, that's because, in addition to earning from views and clicks on the platform's own ads, sales as an affiliate drive the revenue of digital influencers.

Still, you don't need to turn on a camera and record, you can make animated video, slides or other formats that don't require the use of your voice or image.

Sponsored Links

Sponsored links are digital text ads, meaning you pay for each click, but if you have a good commission margin, it's a valid option, especially if you use the Google Display Network.

How to work with affiliate marketing?

With all this information, now learn step by step how to make money with affiliate marketing.

1. Understand your niche

First, if you already have a niche site or blog, focus on your industry for best results.

After all, there is no point in having an audience interested in aesthetics and selling game products.

2. Choose one or more affiliate programs

I recommend that you choose the platform whose commission conditions and affiliation options are compatible with your needs.

So go on more than one platform and see which has a broader range of products for your niche.

3. Choose the products

Wisely choose the products that are most compatible with your audience so you can have the most conversions.

Preferably test the product to ensure quality.

So, you can take the opportunity to review the product, which will also serve as a means of publicity.

4. Engage your audience

Before focusing on selling your chosen products, educate and engage your audience.

That way, you set the stage for launch.

Finally, bet on support materials such as e-books, videos and exclusive articles.

So, this strategy will allow you to feed your email base.

5. Promote your products

First of all, releasing the product doesn't mean the job is finished.

So track engagement, especially comments, and use more than one digital marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

See frequently asked questions about affiliate programs.


Affiliate Marketing Work?

In general, affiliate marketing works when there is a good relationship between the producers, affiliates and the audience.

Therefore, it is recommended to respect the interests of the public and the chosen niche to act as an affiliate.

Is affiliate marketing safe?

It can be said that affiliate marketing is safe and reliable, after all, the platforms that offer affiliate programs are safe and guarantee the protection of the data of producers, affiliates and consumers.

Affiliate Marketing Makes Money?

In short, participating in an affiliate program is a way to earn money on the internet by promoting products from producers or companies.

This way, the affiliate receives a commission after every sale made.

Is affiliate marketing saturated?

It is common for people to say that affiliate marketing is saturated.

However, more and more people start earning money in an affiliate program every day.

So, even if competition increases, there is room for more people to earn money.

After all, every day more people are inserted on the internet, making this space more and more popular.

How to sell affiliate marketing?

For you to know how to get started in affiliate marketing, just follow the step by step:

  1. First choose and understand a niche;
  2. Then join one or more affiliate programs;
  3. Join products;
  4. Keep your audience engaged;
  5. Finally, market the products.

Affiliate Marketing Pyramid?

First, for you to understand if affiliate marketing is a pyramid, you need to understand what a financial pyramid is.

In short, a pyramid occurs when one or more people recruit other people to get rich.

So, even though affiliate programs pay commissions per sale, the product objective does not relate this strategy to the commercial pyramid.


In short, affiliate marketing has become a great alternative for extra income or a way to earn money from home.

So, as difficult as the concept may seem, you will find that in practice it is simple to apply.

Finally, I hope these tips have helped you on how to start affiliate marketing.

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