10 apps for those working with digital marketing

10 apps for those working with digital marketing

In today's world, an area that has evolved a lot is marketing, and thanks to the internet, digital marketing has been widely used by companies from different segments.

But not everyone who works in this area is aware of how much tools can make daily work easier, optimizing processes and increasing productivity.

Learn about some fundamental apps for anyone working in digital marketing and why they are so important.

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What is digital marketing?

There are several digital marketing strategies that companies, businesses and people use to gain more visibility on the internet, increasing the volume of sales opportunities (Leads).

10 apps for those working with digital marketing

Digital marketing strategies are reinventions, updates and new methodologies of what was done in traditional marketing, running campaigns to be seen on smartphones, computers and tablets.

These strategies are executed across multiple channels such as SEO, paid traffic, email marketing, content marketing and social media. The goal is the same:

  • Acquire customers;
  • Develop a brand and connect with the persona.

10 key apps for anyone working in digital marketing

Some of the apps mentioned are famous and you might know some of them.

1. Pocket

Pocket is an impressive and extremely useful tool. If you're responsible for collecting information for writing and writing, then you'll love Pocket.

With this app, you can save the news or texts you found interesting, and organize them for reading or future use.

The application saves and organizes the contents, leaving the query centralized in just one place, allowing you to share your saved lists and links with your team.

2. Trello

When it comes to productivity, the Trello app is one of the most powerful tools out there today.

No wonder it is used by large companies to organize the tasks of teams, which allows its use to be adapted to any project, whether in professional or personal life.

Although its use is not specific to digital marketing, Trello is widely used in the area, being very well known.

In it you can format your desktop and create tasks (cards) to define the steps and progress of your activities.

You can use the platform to organize your own tasks, monitor a team's planning, or include customers in the process.

There are countless possibilities, even in customization, which is Trello's great advantage, each card produced can be edited with new images, deadlines, labels and additional information.

3. Canvas

There was a time when only complex programs worked to make professional-looking art or design, this has changed thanks to some apps and sites like Canva.

With free and paid plans, Canva allows you to edit images for the most different formats of social networks and for marketing strategies, enabling you to create:

  • Cards and images for publications on social networks;
  • Prints, leaflets and business cards;
  • Images and flyers for lives and conferences.

In addition to producing posts and covers for social media in a simple and practical way, the tool has a series of suggestions and ready-made layout templates for letters, pamphlets, press releases, posters, banners, among others.

4. Adobe Spark

One of Canva's main competitors, the Adobe Spark application, was created with the purpose of being an accessible tool for users who are not design professionals, but who need to do simple things for their social networks and work.

It's free for Android and iOS, released by Adobe, famous for other good editing programs like Photoshop and Premiere.

Adobe Spark is widely used for creating content for social media in various formats, but its most popular feature is the production of animated stories for Instagram and Facebook.

5. Slack

This communication app has become very famous for being used in large companies like Google and Facebook.

Slack is an application for internal communication widely used by companies from different areas.

In addition to the in-app version it can also be used on the computer, with an easy and intuitive interface for everyday use.

The Slack app allows the exchange of videos, photos and documents, in addition, its chat content is available to all members and it is simple to find old files, being possible to divide conversations between "rooms" or "channels" .

6. Todoist

Todoist is a great app for those who need to-do lists, where you can add tasks to a list and create projects.

The lists and projects can be complete, serving campaigns that require many different activities with subtasks, and for each task you can set a deadline and include comments.

7. HootSuite

Anyone serving multiple clients, whether as a freelancer or an agency, knows that managing multiple social media accounts simultaneously can be exhausting.

Hootsuite provides a number of features that surpass all other productivity apps in the same industry.

In addition, it has features to schedule posts, monitor multiple accounts, create articles and content, and provide in-depth analytics.

It is possible to work with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social profiles of yours and clients very conveniently.

Some cool features it has:

  • Schedule: you can schedule unlimited posts to social media;
  • Engagement: with this feature, you can chat with readers and also stay up to date when people talk about your brand;
  • Analytics: tool to monitor your social media campaigns so you can optimize ROI and grow your business;
  • Collaboration: Hootsuite allows you to work in a team, sending messages to everyone involved in the projects;
  • Security: with 2-factor authentication, all data and information of your company and your customers are safe, preventing unauthorized access;
  • Monitoring: One of the coolest features in Hootsuite is monitoring, where you can see what customers are saying about you and your competition.

8. Pixrl Editor

The Pixlr app is a great photo editor that provides a variety of features, utilities, and effects so you can apply a unique touch to your photos, all from your mobile phone.

This app allows basic and quick edits like resizing, rotating or cropping an image.

In it you can also do some more advanced edits, like adjusting the color, eliminating red eye, or adjusting the brightness and contrast.

An interesting fact about Pixlr is that all these features are easily accessible from a simple and intuitive interface, where access to more than 600 different effects will be a lot of fun.

9. SimpleMind

Those who work in marketing and with large teams know that mind maps are a way to display information that has been proven to improve understanding, reasoning, and spontaneous generation of new ideas.

SimpleMind is a complete app that allows you to create mindmaps with colors, highlights, stickers, and automatic tools that remove the hassles and let you focus only on your ideas.

The app allows you to share the map with others as an editable file or image.

10. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a software dedicated to video editing and converting.

In addition, Clipchamp is also a screen recorder, serving to record and edit videos for Youtube and other platforms.


I hope this list of fundamental applications for anyone working with digital marketing helps you to optimize your processes, allowing you to generate more results.

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