Digital marketing strategies for real state broker

Digital marketing strategies for real state broker

  • Lucas Ferraz
  • December/2021

Digital marketing strategies for real state broker

There are dozens of digital marketing strategies for real estate agents that can make a difference in attracting and closing with the client.

Digital marketing strategies for real state broker

Firstly, it is a profession that grows more and more in Brazil and the world, after all, it is very profitable.

However, it is clear that to achieve these results, you need valid strategies, essentially in digital marketing, which is one of the main ways to grow and expand your business.

After all, those who do not have functional strategies can hardly stay in this market and end up losing their place to the competition.

So, discover the top 10 digital marketing strategies for realtors that will jumpstart your career and increase your earnings.

10 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Realtor

See below for the 10 best digital marketing strategies for real estate agents from the world's leading experts and brokers.

In other words, these are tried and tested strategies to gain and retain clients for a real estate company.

1. Create a real estate or realtor website

One of the first and essential marketing strategies for a realtor is to create their own website.

Even because a website is an essential fundraising tool, as you can store all property information.

So, hiring website creation is a way to get closer and closer to your customers and potential buyers.

Also, the website is a great way to grow your business as you can adopt strategies to increase traffic from potential customers.

In other words, with a website, you have the possibility to make your business known and people can come to your business.

This is one of the ways to attract good customers to the company.

Believe me, one of the first and main digital marketing strategies you need to adopt is to create your website, because everything happens from it.

2. Know your properties

Maybe it sounds cliché, but this marketing strategy for realtor should be one of the first to adopt.

However, it's worth remembering that many real estate agents leave this point to be desired.

That is why, as a professional, it is essential that you know your products.

Therefore, it is essential that the broker is aware of the following characteristics:

  • How and when the property was built;
  • What services, such as TV and internet, are installed in the building;
  • If there is the possibility of modifying the property;
  • If there is a central heater;
  • The safety of the neighborhood in times of rain, among others.

3. Advertise on trusted real estate websites

Another great strategy for a real estate agent is to advertise your business on trusted real estate websites.

This is because when a buyer is looking for a property, it is common for him to search for several options on the internet.

Therefore, it is essential that you post your ads on the biggest sites in the industry, as you increase your chances of closing more deals.

But remember that ads must be done with caution.

Then, they must be of excellent quality and contain, at a minimum, essential data about the property.

Furthermore, they should be persona-oriented, ie, targeted at the actual potential customers.

Even because, this will be how your business will appear, when a search is made such as "real estate in Sorocaba", or broker in "such a city".

Finally, paid traffic is an excellent ally for those just starting out.

4. Enhance your social networks with a marketing strategy for real estate agents

One of the main digital marketing strategies for real estate agents is, of course, presence on social media.

After all, being active on networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will give your content more visibility.

Since social networks are great dissemination channels and increase the chances of achieving greater results.

Besides, they make communication easier, as the public can send a message to clarify any doubts or hire a service in a more practical way.

Thus, it is essential that you create short posts with some quick and basic themes, using a link to a page about the available property.

Finally, when you discover the power of social media, you will fall in love.

5. Generate leads with a real estate agent digital marketing strategy

Although not well known, lead generation is a great digital marketing strategy for realtors.

In the case of real estate marketing, the leads are those interested in the properties and releases you work with.

They are consumers who want to buy, rent and even trade property.

Therefore, having contact with these leads is essential for brokers, as they open up possibilities to contact the lead to choose a property.

It's worth remembering that it's easier to encourage getting these contacts through your website or social media.

So the more leads you generate, the more leads you will have.

6. Gifts or presents as a digital marketing strategy for real estate brokers

A great marketing strategy for brokers is to invest in freebies or gifts for buyers.

This will not only please customers, it can also influence your business.

This shows that you are committed to the customer and that the job won't finish once you hand over the key.

Finally, to better understand, check out some actions that catch the attention of customers:

  • Give something to the new home;
  • Give with the first lunch or dinner in the new home;
  • Send birthday cards frequently or on other dates.

You need to know that people like to be remembered, and that definitely makes a big difference to your business.

7. Analyze your website visitors

A great digital marketing strategy for real estate brokers is to periodically study the results achieved in their actions.

However, there are still some brokers who believe that their promotion ends when their site is ready.

However, it is worth noting that you will only achieve the results of all your effort when you understand what the main behaviors of your website visitors are.

This is because it will be possible for you to understand the number of visits in real time, which property is most viewed, among others.

Also, you can increase the amount of visitors to your site through paid traffic or SEO.

8. Getting the customer to the property is the best marketing strategy for a realtor

The best marketing strategy for realtors is to get the customer to the place of interest.

This way, the chances of the customer completing the purchase are much higher, after all, he can build an emotional bond with the property.

This strategy makes customers feel more secure and determined.

In addition, you can use arguments and information that make buyers project what their lives would be like if they lived in that particular location.

Finally, know that this will make customers more comfortable and the purchase more pleasant, winning you even for the next future negotiation.

9. Use Youtube as a marketing strategy for real estate broker

Another great and modern marketing strategy for real estate brokers is betting on Youtube.

With the popularization of the internet, social networks are getting bigger and the video platform is one of the most famous in the world.

After all, it allows you to make a great publicity and, thus, give more visibility to your business.

However, you must be careful when making your videos, as the quality of the footage is one of the main points required to get more views on Youtube.

That is why it is essential that you invest in good equipment and editors.

10. Customer Opinion

Last but not least, collecting customer feedback is another great strategy for real estate brokers.

This will help you to become more and more known and bring security to new potential customers.

It is essential that you talk to your customers, asking them to record videos or produce texts that express their experiences, telling them how you helped them, among other things.

In addition, you can also share these contents on your social networks, expanding your possibilities.

Finally, it will be the customers who will tell you what is being done wrong and what their strengths and weaknesses are.


In short, these are the top 10 digital marketing strategies for real estate brokers, as they have been tested and validated by professionals in the field in various regions of the world.

So when you do real estate marketing using these techniques, you will notice an increase in customer acquisition and your real estate revenue.

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