How to attract customers in times of crisis?

How to attract customers in times of crisis?

Knowing how to attract customers in times of crisis is essential to lessen the impact of a sudden drop in demand during that period.

Knowing how to attract customers in times of crisis is essential to lessen the impact of a sudden drop in demand during that period.

Whoever is an entrepreneur, knows that it is necessary to reinvent himself all the time.

After all, stability does not exist, so, at all times, it is necessary to look for new approaches, worry about keeping current customers, looking for new ones, retaining them, etc.

That's why it's essential to know how to attract customers in times of crisis to prevent the business from going broke.

In previous crises in the Brazilian market, several businesses had a drop in demand and many ended their activities.

How to attract customers in times of crisis?

So, you need to learn new ways to reinvent yourself and make more people look for your products and services.

Engaging in times of crisis

Those who are self-employed naturally know that, from time to time, it is necessary to renew some strategies and revise some points.

After all, your business must adapt to the persona to maintain assertive communication and increase sales..

And as time goes by, requirements change and new trends emerge.

Thus, it is natural that your business will undergo some changes to improve management, attract new customers and improve your loyalty rate.

That saying "don't move in a winning team" is not for those who undertake.

Well, it must be understood that things are cyclical.

In other words, your business could be booming today and, in a few months, it could become obsolete.

However, due to recent periods of crisis, some businesses have had to think of practical and quick ways to attract new customers.

And, despite the recent health crisis having affected many aspects of society, it is a fact to recognize how technology has allayed some issues.

So, for those who own a physical business, it was clear how essential migrating to the digital environment is.

Apart from that, there are several other ways of how to attract customers in times of crisis.

How to attract customers in times of crisis?

In times of crisis, you need to renew your marketing strategies, make your customers more likely to consume your products and services.

In the topics below, see some effective solutions to attract new customers.

1. Be present on social networks

The internet has huge potential and, although many people already use this feature, there is much more that can be explored.

Currently, practically every Brazilian has at least one social network account.

So, if you want to attract people to your business, you must be present in all of them.

After all, social network marketing is one of the most profitable strategies out there today, given its potential.

When you're on the networks, it's much easier for customers to reach you.

Think about this, how are you going to attract customers if people don't know about your company or your work? Those who are not seen are not remembered.

So, if you have a physical business, try to create a profile on social media, this makes it easier to discover your brand, products and services.

Furthermore, whenever you publish or post a story on Instagram, you will be present in your consumer's life.

So he won't forget about you.

And when you produce quality relevant content on your page, your followers will be able to share it with others.

This will make your business more and more known, bringing even more customers.

Other than that, social networks have adapted to these new approaches.

No wonder Instagram has been testing the "Store" tab on its platform.

Social networks are no longer just an object of entertainment, these days they have other purposes, so use these features to your advantage.

And remember, be present on all social networks, because by doing this, the chance of you attracting more customers to your business will be much greater.

2. Create a referral program

What is the most practical way to gain new customers, if not encouraging this to happen?

With that in mind, why don't you create a referral program where your customers are rewarded for referring your business?

A tip is to offer a discount on products and services to each person referred who consumes something from the store, for example.

This will definitely motivate customers who already visit your store to refer others.

This is a pretty simple solution, but not all businesses think about it.

Furthermore, as soon as a nominee comes to your establishment, you should make an effort to make them like your services, to the point of trying to make them become a repeat customer.

By applying this technique correctly, you will reap good rewards.

So, the person who was referred, if he likes your services, can also refer others.

Thus, a cycle is created that tends to increase the incidence of new customers in your business.

3. Invest in loyalty

This is a tip that complements the previous one.

You should value the fixed customers you already have, as customer acquisition cost (CAC) is generally higher than loyalty.

That's why you should be concerned about retaining new customers.

When a new person arrives at your establishment, try to make sure that they return to you.

Of course you do this by offering quality service and care.

But how about trying something more practical? How about offering a bonus after the customer requests your services a certain number of times?

This will cause him to buy back from you to get the bonus.

4. Make creative promotions

The word promotion already generates a certain engagement.

After all, everyone likes promotions and, in times of crisis, this is even more valued.

However, this is something that all businesses already know, so it is natural that, through a difficult period, they will bet on this type of strategy.

So what you should do is look to differentiate yourself.

So make creative promotions that have some meaning or context.

For example, progressive discounts, discounts on the next purchase or betting on something more specific.

In addition, you can offer freebies on purchases above a certain value.

Or, if it's Easter time, why not give them some mini eggs as a freebie? This will get people's attention and, as a result, attract new customers through word of mouth marketing.

5. Promote Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are great ways to get new people to come to your business, and this can be done through a social network such as Instagram, which is the most common.

Through the draw, you can stipulate some rules, such as tagging two friends in the official publication and posting in stories, for example.

This is a great way to promote your brand without spending money on paid traffic.

So, don't think that the draw will cause you losses, because, in reality, through them, people who have never even heard of your company can get to know you.

And from that point on, they can like your services/products and start consuming them.

Thus, sweepstakes are great ways to let new customers know about your business.

6. Invest in content marketing

When you create a blog for your business, it strengthens your relationship with your customers.

Well, with content marketing it's easier for them to feel captivated.

Also, this is one of the pillars of getting people to buy from you: the connection to your brand.

Other than that, through a blog, you can bring in lots of new clients, even if you only work with organic traffic using SEO.

If you're new to website optimization, check out my beginner's guide to SEO.

So, for you who want to know how to attract customers in times of crisis, it is essential that you invest in content marketing on your company's blog.

However, when blogging for your brand, it is essential that you worry about a few points.

For example, always value the good user experience, so hire a marketing agency that specializes in creating responsive and optimized websites.

In addition, you must produce relevant content that answers your customers' questions.

Because, relevant, current and interesting content works to attract different audiences who are interested in the subject.

7. Always give a good service

In times of crisis, the consumer tends to be more discerning, after all, money becomes scarce.

Then you should get him to drop his objections at the time of purchase.

In short, when it comes to good service, we are not just referring to being friendly, smiling, helpful, etc.

Good service also involves interaction with customers.

In other words, show yourself prepared to solve any problem he may have, answer his doubts, give options on how to solve a problem, etc.

Other than that, you should be prepared for any objection.

So, if the customer doesn't want to buy your product for reason X, point out the solution.

By doing this, in addition to the customer buying from you, the chances of him recommending you are pretty high.

Finally, good service is the best method to promote a business for free.

How to attract customers in times of crisis in a small local business?

In addition to the methods above, a great ally of local businesses is the partnership with neighboring companies.

So consider leaving a flyer or business card with local businesses and let them do the same for you.

This is a simple and workable method of attracting customers in times of crisis to small local businesses.

How to attract customers in times of crisis at the national level?

If you have a physical company but sell or serve the entire national territory, attracting customers becomes a little simpler.

After all, regardless of your business model, there are more consumers to reach.

So consider applying the above methods and investing in paid traffic.

How to attract customers to physical store in times of crisis?

Currently, many people choose to shop online.

After all, the internet allows you to compare prices, research about the quality of products and services, etc.

So this made it a little more difficult to attract customers to the physical store, especially in times of crisis.

So you can create specific promotions for physical purchases or give away freebies.

Another strategy is to create a promotion based on the scarcity trigger and set the sale only in the physical store.


In short, to learn how to attract customers in times of crisis, just follow the 7 methods taught in this article.

Then these strategies are tried and tested, serving to attract new customers to local and national businesses.

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