How to create your first professional website for free

How to create your first professional website for free

Nowadays it is possible to create a professional website for free to start digital marketing your brand, services and products.

Do you want to create a website with little investment? Nowadays, you don't need to be a programmer to create a website.

In this article you will read:

Do you know how much it costs to set up a website? The price of a website can be higher than you think, however, there are tools that make it possible to create a website without having any technical knowledge.

Tools like WIX allow you to build a website just by dragging components, without having to write a single line of code.

Wordpress, on the other hand, allows the installation of plugins that facilitate the creation of page layouts.

How to create your first professional website for free

With this, you have a cost close to zero to set up a website, leaving more capital to invest in marketing campaigns to gain visibility.

Of course, to get the best performance in a campaign and a good ROI (return on investment), the ideal is to create a website optimized for capturing leads.

Why is having a website so important?

According to the 2020 Internet Live Stats data, having a website is essential, they are:

  • There are over 1.6 billion websites worldwide;
  • There are more than 4.2 billion people surfing the internet daily;
  • Approximately 74,000 Google searches are performed every second.

If you have a business, provide services or sell products, it is critical to your financial success that your brand is on the internet.

According to the IBGE, in Brazil alone, approximately 64.7% of the population (116 million people) uses the internet daily.

Now imagine that only a third of these people are searching for products or services on the internet, that portion represents 38 million individuals.

Also according to Cetic, less than 60% of Brazilian companies have a website, that is, they are less competitive in the market.

There is no way to think about marketing or attracting more customers to your company without first having a website to showcase your products and services.

How to create a website from scratch in just one day?

What does it take to create a professional website? There are several practical and quick ways, check out the step by step below.

Define the purpose of the website

First of all, you must keep in mind why you want to create a professional website and what its purpose will be.

Do you want to give visibility to your services? To your portfolio? Do you want to create an online store and earn money on the internet? Or do you already own a company and want to increase brand visibility?

The purpose of the website is fundamental before starting to work on the visual part.

Types of sites

There are a few types of websites, each one ideal for one purpose, check out below.


Blogs are content aggregators and provide several possibilities.

The blog does not necessarily need to be a separate site, it can be inside an institutional site and a virtual store.

The blog is an excellent tool to attract and conquer your target audience.

Producing quality articles about your field is a great way to attract more people.

In addition, you can provide tips, studies and research in order to bring people who are unaware of your brand to your site.

For example, if you sell syndicates, texts comparing syndicates and financing would be great, you could also write something like: “Everything you need to know before making a syndicate”.

On the other hand, if you own a small candy store, posting recipes and cooking tips would help not only attract but also engage users.

Institutional site

Institutional sites are mostly used by companies, basically consisting of the pages: home (main), who we are, products, services and contact.

The objective of an institutional website is to expose the seriousness of the brand, the work and the quality of the service provided.

In addition, the blog combined with an institutional site makes the site's visibility potential significantly increased.


Virtual stores or e-commerces, as they are also known, are websites whose objective is to sell on the internet.

The biggest advantage of having a virtual store is that you don't need a business address to serve people, you can do everything from home, which reduces the operating cost.

Currently there is a method called dropshipping, with it it is not necessary to have a stock, because you send the product directly from the supplier to the final consumer.

News portal

A portal is very similar to a blog, as the objective is to add content, however, a portal is capable of covering more topics without losing the objective.

In most cases, the portal is accessed several times a day by the same user, as this user wants to keep up to date.

Think of a portal as an internet newspaper, you can provide news, weather, traffic information and much more.

Choose your website domain

The domain is your company's virtual address on the internet, it is how people will locate your website.

Choosing the site's domain is very simple, if you already have a business name, you can use it, for example,

Avoid using accents or difficult terms in your domain, the simpler the better.

A great solution for the domain is to use keywords related to your area of expertise.

Domains can be registered at, the value is low and billed annually.

Hire a hosting

Website hosting is the service that makes your site available on the internet, it is what ensures that your site is accessible.

It is on the hosting that the image files, the website and the database with the information of the pages and the blog are kept.

One of the best hosting companies in the world is Hostgator and I recommend it.

I've been a Hostgator customer since 2014 and I never had any problems, my website never went down or slowed down.

Choose your website engine

As I mentioned at the beginning, there are engines like WIX and Wordpress, however, there are several others.

I particularly recommend that you have your own engine, with a manageable area, which is fast, safe and allows any type of marketing strategy.

However, if you don't have technical knowledge, I recommend that you choose Wordpress.

Choice of the visual part

Both in Wordpress and in WIX, you have a very vast catalog of themes, in this catalog you can freely choose the layout that has the most to do with your business.

After choosing the theme and applying it, you can customize it according to your taste, making it adapt even more to your brand.

Consider SEO when creating your website

Before you know what SEO is and how to apply it to your website, I recommend reading my content on SEO for beginners.

SEO is the acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”, which means search engine optimization or website optimization.

The purpose of SEO is to make Google's positions rise, bringing more visits and consequently increasing lead generation.

According to an imFORZA survey, 75% of Google users do not visit the second page of results.

Therefore, the closer your site is to Google's top position, the better for your company's results.

However, before starting an SEO campaign, your website must meet some requirements, check below.

I recommend reading my complete website optimization guide.

Mobile first

Mobile first means “Mobile devices first”, that is, as most accesses on the internet are made by mobile devices, having a well-thought-out website for mobile is essential to start SEO.

The website must behave on the cell phone as well as on a computer or tablet, allowing full navigation in any environment.

Site speed

Nowadays, talking about the impact of website speed on organic positioning, it can be said that it is practically impossible to rank a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load completely.

Remember that in addition to positioning, if the customer notices a delay in loading, they can give up their site and go to a competitor's site.


The HTTPS protocol is responsible for bringing more security to the website, it serves as encryption for sessions with a digital certificate.

In other words, it shields the website's communication with the device that is accessing it.

Consider CRO for more LEADS

CRO stands for “Conversion Rate Optimization”, which stands for conversion rate optimization.

The aim of the CRO is to get a greater portion of your website visitors in contact.

Improving the user experience through A/B testing directly impacts the amount of leads generated on your website daily.

However, it must be taken into account that the tests must be performed correctly, always thinking about the persona.

You can use my A/B testing calculator to measure the results of your work.


See how simple it is to create a professional website? There are no reasons for your brand to be off the internet.

If you can invest in creating a professional website, I recommend that you hire a specialized marketing agency, otherwise, make your website yourself, you only have to gain.

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