How to gain followers on Instagram in 6 steps

How to gain followers on Instagram in 6 steps

There are a few ways you can gain Instagram followers and increase your Insta profile engagement significantly. However, you need to have a concise marketing plan.

First of all, Instagram is a phenomenon all over the world, after all, after three months of launching the social network, it reached the mark of 1 million registered users.

Currently, there are more than 800 million users and this number continues to increase.

That's why Instagram has never been better at branding companies, but for that, you need to gain followers and engage them with your content.

How to gain Instagram followers fast and for free

In short, gaining likes, followers, comments and mentions is not an easy task, but that's not to say it's that difficult, even for a lay person.

So what will be the determining factor for the success of your social media campaign will be your focus and persistence.

How to gain followers on Instagram in 6 steps

So here's what to do to gain followers on Insta.

Step #1: Have an attractive profile

First and foremost, you need to make your profile more attractive so that people are interested.

After all, see what is exposed on the first screen when a user accesses your Instagram profile:

  • Photo;
  • Name;
  • Username (@);
  • Description;
  • URL.< /li>

This information is enough to create the first impression of your brand or business.

But, how to create a good Instagram profile for your business? Check out my suggestions below:

  • Name: Use your name, company, brand or organization name;
  • Username (@) : The username is unique, meaning if the one you need is in use, you can't use it. However, you can add a keyword related to your business in the username;
  • URL: put the link to your website, if you have less than 10k followers, will be the only link you can use;
  • Description: write an engaging Instagram bio about your brand and what it offers, you can also use mental triggers to generate emotion , some emojis can help you in the process;
  • Photo: Use an image that represents your profile, a clear personal photo or your logo.

Therefore, if you have contracted the creation of websites in a digital marketing agency, it is essential to insert the website link in the bio.

In addition, it is essential that you have a public profile, as you cannot view a private Instagram account.

Step #2: Post the Right Way

Instagram is based on images, this is the focus of the social network, so you not only need a good collection of posts, but also maintain the frequency of posts.

So, here are some tips for your publications.

1. Post copyright images

Firstly, it's no use buying lots of cool images, but they are already used by many people.

For this, use your own photos or make your own images, for this you can use the tools at the end of this article.

2. Use relevant photos and images

Always consider your persona when creating a post, and for that, use the following questions in your strategies:

  • Who am I posting for?
  • What feeling do I want to create in my audience?
  • Does this post harm my image or my company in any way?< /li>
  • What reactions will I get from my audience?

This is the same methodology used to create a live.

After all, there is a whole strategic plan until the moment of doing a live on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch and other digital platforms.

3. Always enter location

A photo in the Instagram feed with location brings much more visibility, but why?

Imagine that you took a photo at Parque Ibirapuera and posted it on Instagram with that location.

This way, whenever someone searches for Ibirapuera Park on Insta, they will be able to see all the photos tagged in that location.

Therefore, the more popular the tagged location, the more visibility you will have in the post.

This strategy is widely used by companies, for example: a sofa cleaning company can mark a different location in each post, each marking in a neighborhood where it provides service.

4. Drive engagement

What do you need to achieve for your profile to remain “high”? Simple: comments, likes and mentions.

That's why it's essential to use a caption in posts.

Also, always use a trigger for people to leave comments or tag their friends.

After a few posts, the public will realize that you are relating more closely.

Step #3: Take advantage of the post description field

Did you know that Instagram allows you to use up to 2,200 characters in your post description?

On the users feed, only three lines are displayed, however, there is an option to read the entire description of the post.

Before I continue, I have to give you a valuable tip, Instagram might give you some trouble while you write a long caption, so please use a note-taking app to write the description, then copy and paste to Instagram.< /p>

So I recommend you to use Google Keep, it's simple and easy to use.

You can also write everything from your computer, as Google Keep syncs the information with the mobile application.

Continuing, the image is just a call, the value of your post is in the description, an article or summary with information that adds to people's lives.

Then, consider taking the time to create a compelling description.

Step #4: Use Strategic Hashtags

In short, hashtags work the same way as location.

The difference is that hashtags can be anything, literally.

Experienced users use hashtags like TV channels, for example, if I want to see marketing content, I just search for #marketing.

If I need to hire private lessons for my children, I can search for #private lessons, and so on.

But there's no point in using random hashtags, right? However, what are the hashtags most used by my audience when searching for my product or service?

That's where keyword research comes in, though, for Instagram.

So do a competitor analysis to know which hashtags your competitors use, consider the practical usability of these hashtags, will they be searched by your audience? If so, test it out to see the results.

Where to use hashtags on Instagram?

Most people use the post description field to enter hashtags, but this is not the best way.

Then, after posting the post with a description, use the first comment to enter the hashtags.

Not only does this help with aesthetics, it also distinguishes your caption from hashtags, and it uses the character limit only for the description.

How many hashtags to use on Instagram?

There is no minimum or maximum limit of hashtags to use on Instagram, however, I recommend using more than 5 and less than 30.

Step #5: Make a publishing schedule

If you don't have recurring posts, no one needs to follow you, after all, they won't be missing anything.

Therefore, my recommendations are as follows:

  • Publish 5 to 30 stories a day;
  • Make a live video once a day, always at the same time;
  • Publish 3 to 5 images , photos or videos in the feed per week;
  • Make a reels every 3 days, preferably something funny and viral.

Live videos remain at the top of STORIES, which means that more followers will see you, even if they don't access your live.

In addition, learning how to increase Instagram engagement with Stories is the platform's most common way.

Step #6: Follow Your Audience

At first, it may be that in the first few days, the gain of followers is slow, however, the speed increases as the days go by.

Therefore, identify your competitors and the influencers of your audience.

Then follow your competitors and influencers in your niche, once you've done that, start following their followers.

The logic is simple, if they follow these profiles from the same niche as yours and you also post relevant content related to the segment, they will follow you back.

Repeat this daily, following a maximum of 50 people per hour, you can do this in approximately 5 minutes.

How-to-gain-followers on Instagram by being active in the community

Instagram is not an advertising platform, it is a community, that is, people interacting with each other 24 hours a day around the world.

So, there are some programmed actions that you can perform on a daily basis on the platform, they are:

  • When someone follows you, follow them back, however, be careful, check if the account that is following you is spam or harmful to the community;
  • Like and comment on posts they use the hashtags you are interested in;
  • Reply to comments mentioning users;
  • Like and reply to comments on posts that use the hashtags you are interested in;
  • In your posts, tag the people or brands you've recently interacted with on the platform.

After all, it's one thing to have a public profile on Instagram, it's another to be an active user of the platform.

How-to-gain-followers on Instagram with private-account

In general, gaining followers on Instagram with a private account is much more difficult.

After all, posts, hashtags, location, reels and other features are only available to the account's followers.

In other words, users who don't follow you won't be able to discover your content.


There is currently only one way to gain followers on Instagram by investing money.

To do this, you need to create good content and invest in boosting it.

However, you need to configure the boost correctly for your target audience.

How to gain Instagram followers with reels

If you use TikTok, you can use the same content on Instagram reels.

So use my content that teaches you how to download TikTok videos without watermark to enjoy the same video on Insta reels.

Also, always use hashtags and send reels to your friends to increase discovery of your content.

How to gain-instagram-followers with more likes on photos

In short, having more likes on Instagram helps increase your profile's discoverability.

After all, when you search for a hashtag or location, the first posts are the most liked.

Then work your engagement rate with the followers you already have.

In other words, it's no use getting followers if your account has low engagement.

How to gain Instagram followers by following famous

Most of the time, when you follow a famous profile, a random account starts following you.

This is because many marketing and social media professionals who provide services to a famous person or company are monitoring these profiles.

So whenever a celebrity profile being monitored gets a new follower, they follow you.

Also, it may be that the profile that followed you is of interest to you, as this is one of the techniques to increase profile discovery.

How to gain Instagram followers with sweepstakes

First of all, if you want to do a giveaway on Instagram to gain followers, you need to know one thing.

According to Law No. 5,768 of 1971: “no individual or legal entity may distribute or promise to distribute prizes through sweepstakes, gift certificates, contests or similar operations, outside the cases and conditions provided for in this law


But that doesn't mean you can't do a giveaway on Insta.

So to do that, you need to file local, state, federal, and Social Security taxes.

In addition, a Trade Promotion Authorization Certificate issued by the Ministry of Economy is required.

So, after solving the bureaucratic issue, the ideal thing is for you to put the following rules for the participants of your draw:

  • Like the post;
  • Tag 2 to 3 people in the post's comments (except business, famous and verified profiles);
  • Share the post in stories (optional).

Best-tools for Instagram

In short, time limits our production, so don't think twice before using a tool to speed up your Instagram management.

So, spending less time on these tasks will give you more free time to use as a break or to work on other tasks.

That's why there are several social media automation tools, but there's no need to name them all, so check out the best tools for Instagram.

  • mlabs: mLabs is a tool that allows you to schedule posts with customizations, manage messages, interact with followers and other functions;
  • Canva: Canva is an amazing tool, especially for social media professionals. The platform's catalog includes several templates ready for publication in the feed and in the stories, which speeds up your creation work;
  • Linktree: at the beginning of this article I mentioned that it is only possible have a link in Instagram bio, Linktree came to remove this limitation. After all, this tool allows your bio link to be directed to a page with other links customized by you;
  • Etus: quite famous, Etus is a complete platform for social media management, allowing post scheduling, boosting, full reporting and other features.

Frequently asked questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions about Instagram as a digital marketing strategy.

How many people can I follow per hour on Instagram?

Ideally, you should follow no more than 50 people per hour on Instagram.

This way you prevent your account from being blocked for suspicious use.

How to get more visibility on Instagram?

In short, post regularly to your feed and stories.

Also, use hashtags and location in your posts.

Finally, don't post just to post, create content.

How to gain real followers on Instagram?

To gain followers on Instagram, follow the steps:

  1. Make your profile more attractive;
  2. Post photos and images that impact;
  3. Understand the importance of captions;
  4. Use hashtags from strategically;
  5. Create a posting schedule;
  6. Identify and get noticed by your target audience;
  7. Be an active user of the platform.

Who can link to Instagram Stories?

In short, the link sticker can be used by any Instagram user.

How to link in Instagram Stories?

To put a link in Instagram stories, follow the step by step:

  1. First, make a story;
  2. Next, open the stickers options;
  3. Select the link option;
  4. Finally, enter the link you want and publish.

How to post with paid partnership in Instagram Stories?

  1. Make a story;
  2. Tap the link button next to the save button;
  3. Tag partner's instagram;
  4. Publish the story.

How to post with paid partnership in Instagram Feed?

  1. Publication;
  2. In the post settings, click Advanced Settings and check Business Partner;
  3. Finish Publishing.
  4. How to get a verified Instagram account?

    1. Go to your profile, open the Menu and enter Settings;
    2. Click on the Account option;
    3. Click on Request verification;
    4. Enter your full name and send a photo of your ID or CNH.


    Using social networks is one of the best platforms to work on brand recognition.

    That's why learning how to gain followers on Instagram is essential to increase your company's visibility and sales.

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