How to increase sales on iFood

  • Lucas Ferraz
  • December/2021

How to increase sales on iFood

Learn how to sign up for iFood for sales and how to increase iFood sales in this comprehensive guide to the subject.

How to increase sales on iFood

Currently, one of the biggest trends is delivery apps, and I can cite iFood as the biggest example.

After all, there are thousands of orders placed every day in the app.

However, because of this growth, many restaurants are looking for methods of how to increase sales on iFood, and thus, be able to increase business profits.

However, these methods are not so simple, as it is necessary to invest in studies and apply them efficiently.

What are delivery apps? What is iFood?

It is a fact that thousands of restaurants present in iFood do not know the real purpose of the application and how it works.

However, these points are essential to know, in order to be able to maximize the restaurant's sales within the app.

Delivery apps have become a big trend because of their unique features, such as quick and easy ordering.

In addition, you can search for low cost meals, promotions, coupons and even work making deliveries.

These tools were made due to the junction and evolution of the internet, technology and market demand.

So, it can be said that these apps are among the 3 most used types of apps around the world, sharing this post with social networks and business management and sales apps.

How does iFood work?

One of the main characteristics of iFood is its operation, as it is very practical and easy, which increases the use of the app more and more.

  1. First, the customer downloads the delivery application of their choice;
  2. Then they choose the restaurant that catches their attention the most;
  3. See the meals;
  4. Places the order;
  5. Makes the payment;
  6. Finally, the order is delivered within the stated period.

Out of sight of customers, it can be said that restaurants also enjoy the ease that these applications present.

After all, just access the chosen application, select the restaurant's registration option, fill in the data, pay a small fee and that's it, your restaurant will already be registered.

What are the benefits of iFood and other delivery apps?

It is a fact that many restaurants are looking for methods of how to increase sales on ifood.

However, in order to know about such methods, it is essential to know about all the benefits that iFood and other delivery applications provide to users.

For customers

There are many situations in which customers benefit from delivery applications, after all, such tools can deliver extreme convenience and agility.

So, in situations where the customer has not been able to cook or is tired after an exhausting day, or even wants to try some different food, but does not want to move around, delivery applications such as IFood end up being great help.

For the couriers

Deliverers are one of the main beneficiaries of delivery applications, as unemployment has now become a concern and reality for many people.

Because of this, anyone who has the will to work, whether with a bicycle or a motorbike, can join the delivery apps, and thus start earning extra income.

Because of this, many couriers use the app to generate extra income and some even use it as a main source of income.

For the restaurants

Restaurants enjoy several benefits from adhering to delivery apps, after all, the visibility and increase in sales that these apps provide is very good.

To prove this point, it can be said that many restaurants survive only on delivery using iFood and other apps.

Even physical restaurants have a big influence from these apps, where their profits end up being almost 70% through apps.

That's why understanding how to increase sales on iFood is essential for this type of business.

How to sign up for iFood for sales?

To learn how to register with iFood for sales, follow the step by step below:

  1. First, access the app's website by clicking here;
  2. Then click on “Restaurant and Market”;
  3. Click on “I'm a restaurant”;
  4. Then, fill in the form “Register your store”;
  5. Finally, select the plan you want.

6 methods on how to increase sales in iFood

Now that you know the biggest benefits a delivery app has, learn how to increase sales in iFood.

1. How to increase iFood sales by reviewing restaurant hours

The first tip on how to increase sales in iFood is linked to the restaurant's opening hours, as, even though it is simple and futile at first glance, it ends up making a big difference.

After all, it is essential that you adjust your restaurant hours according to the public's peak hours, which occur at all times of the day, in the morning, afternoon, evening and dawn.

However, if you do not intend to leave your restaurant open 24 hours a day, it is essential that you attend to the main peak hours, which happen in the afternoon and at night.

This way, in addition to increasing sales on iFood, it will also be possible to retain customers who make daily use of the app.

2. Have loyalty programs

Being a practice that many restaurants use, not just in iFoo, loyalty programs help to attract and retain customers.

In short, there are several ways to apply to a program, for example:

  • Offer discounts;
  • Give away freebies;
  • Reward with a free meal after the customer has placed a certain number of orders.

This strategy draws the attention of customers who have already placed an order with your restaurant, as well as new customers who use the app frequently, as they can beat the beta faster.

3. How to increase iFood sales with promotions and coupons

One of the biggest differentiators that a restaurant can present to stand out in delivery apps, being one of the biggest tips on how to increase sales on iFood, is to use coupons and promotions.

After all, many customers give up on buying because of the price or try to try different options, and at these times, promotions end up being a great differential for customers to become interested in their menu.

Thus, it is essential that you seek to offer promotions from time to time, especially for the options that are more successful on your menu.

Well, it will get the attention of new and old customers.

The coupons also fit this tip, as many restaurants that do not accept coupons end up gaining less relevance in iFood.

Thus, they receive less visibility, so it is essential that you start applying discount coupons to your restaurant.

4. Customer evaluation

Many restaurants registered in the IFood end up discarding the evaluation that customers do after ordering.

However, such a practice diminishes the value and relevance that the restaurant has with the persona.

So, you must seek to analyze and evaluate each assessment, from positive to negative.

After all, these evaluations usually show the restaurant's weaknesses, which allows it to evolve.

Also, it's also a good strategy to respond to reviews, as it shows customers that your restaurant cares about their opinion and rating.

This creates greater confidence for customers to buy more from your restaurant.

5. How to increase iFood sales with price review

Many restaurants that are on the IFooth attract the attention of thousands of customers.

However, due to the high prices, these customers look for other options, causing the restaurant to have a big drop in sales.

So, try to evaluate with the price of your dishes and delivery fees, in order to attract more customers.

After all, selling more, but with lower values, generates better results and profits when compared to the strategy of selling less with higher values.

A good tip is to try to apply free delivery rates on some occasions for offers and promotions.

However, when lowering the price of your dishes on some occasions, be careful not to lose out.

6. Organize your menu with photos and details

To be in iFood, you need to create a menu in the app, however, some restaurants forget to add the presentation photos to their dishes.

This creates a lot of doubts for the customer and can make them withdraw from the purchase.

Thus, photos should be considered as an investment for your restaurant on iFood to sell more, as this is one of the main methods used to increase sales in the app.

So, take photos with good quality, lighting, resolution and authenticity so that the customer is interested in your restaurant and menu.

But in case you don't know how to make these photos, read my content on ecommerce product photography.

In addition to the photos, create a complete description of the dish, citing the ingredients that make it up.

This way, you will let your customer know everything about the choice he is making, in addition to creating more security and confidence for him.


In short, these are the 6 best ways to increase sales in iFood.

It is worth remembering that these tips work together, that is, they must all be applied.

Finally, if you are wondering if iFood sales pays off, know that you need to have a loyalty strategy to achieve good results.

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