How to make money with TikTok

Thanks to the popularity of the social network, many people are looking to learn how to make money with TikTok. After all, there are several ways to make money on TikTok.

Firstly, it is undeniable that the internet plays an increasingly essential role in people's daily lives.

That's why, more and more, we see the emergence of new ways to earn money through this virtual space.

After all, it is possible to make extra income with a YouTube channel, either in a more specialized way such as through SEO or even through social networks.

But did you know that you can make money with TikTok?

What is TikTok?

In short, TikTok, a social network for iOS and Android.

How to make money with TikTok

The application is a tool for sharing videos with an average duration of 15 seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes.

In addition, TikTok's main objective is the famous "viralization", where with a few seconds of video you must create content that holds users' attention and make them interact, comment, like and share your post.

TikTok has been around since 2014, when the first version of the app was still called

But it was in 2017 that the app received the name we know today.

Two years later, in 2019, TikTok went viral and established itself among smartphone users.

Still in 2019, the app was downloaded approximately 750 million times, and currently, a consultancy called Sensor Tower estimates that about 1 billion videos are viewed every 24 hours within the network social.

In addition, TikTok already has 1.5 billion monthly users.

How does TikTok work?

In short, TikTok is a social network for sharing videos.

So, on this social network, as well as on the very used Instagram reels, one can just swipe through videos of all kinds.

So, whether you are looking for fun, a simple way to pass the time, looking for culinary tips or new dance moves, the social network can help you.

However, anyone who thinks that this social network is limited to watching videos is wrong, because for content creators, for example, it is possible to have access to tools such as:

  • Make cuts;
  • Add subtitles;
  • Make mixes;
  • Dubbing;
  • Insert filters;
  • Duetting with other content producers;
  • Adding a soundtrack.

In addition to providing tools for video production, a social network is only a social network when it provides ways in which you can interact with other users, isn't it?

That's why on TikTok you can also follow other users, like and comment on posts, share videos and exchange messages privately with other profiles.

In addition, the social network also offers rewards that are paid for users to do actions such as: making challenges available within the app itself, inviting a certain number of new friends to the app, etc.< /p>

However, these bonuses are just some of the ways you can make money on TikTok

Why use TikTok?

TikTok, in the midst of so many existing social networks, ends up being more "banalized" and being treated in a futile way, because many people believe that this social network is only for the so-called "trends" and viral content more " children.”

However, like all social networks, TikTok is separated by niches, that is, the content presented to you will depend on what you follow and interact with.

So, if you are on this social network exclusively to find fashion tips, for example, this will be the content on your timeline.

Reasons to use TikTok

  1. Make Money: Is making money with TikTok true? Yes, you can really make money with this app, making this one of the most attractive reasons why you should use TikTok;
  2. Audience diversity: TikTok users are segmented between 16 year olds up to 30 year olds. If the content you produce fits and is attractive to this specific audience, then, definitely, TikTok is a social network on which you should bet and direct your content;
  3. Simple and easy to use: producing viral for TikTok is not an easy task, however, nothing prevents you from being able to create one just using your smartphone and without having to leave the app itself. After all, the application is simple and provides the necessary tools to create a video, making it viable even for those who don't understand editing.

Is it possible to make money with TikTok?

Okay, I know it's hard to believe that it's possible to make money on a social network, let alone be a big influencer with a large following and high engagement on your account.


Therefore, there is the big question “is making money with tiktok reliable?” and the answer to that question is: YES, making money with TikTok is reliable and there are different ways to do it.

How to make money on TikTok

As mentioned, you don't need to be a famous content creator and influencer with a large following to increase your income through this app.

So, check out a list of ways to make money on TikTok fast.

1. How to make money on TikTok by inviting friends

If you want to know how to make easy money on TikTok, then this is the answer.

Inviting your friends to the app can earn you a bonus.

But, you need to copy a link linked to your TikTok profile and share it with people who don't have an account on the app.

Then you can share via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

Because once the person downloads the social network and creates the account through your shared link, you will be paid;

2. How to make money on TikTok by doing daily quests

TikTok maintains several “missions” within the platform itself to keep users engaged and entertained with the app.

Besides, the best thing is that you can earn money by doing these missions.

Some of these missions involve: creating videos and participating in challenges, sharing on other social networks and watching specific videos within the platform.

3. How to make money on TikTok by promoting your business

If you already have your own company, know that you can make money with TikTok by promoting your brand within the social network, as this is a way to reach new potential customers.

So, if you are already familiar with Google Ads, you will find it easy to advertise your products on TikTok.

4. How to make money on TikTok with live streams

To be able to broadcast on the app, you must have at least MILLION followers.

So, if you already have it, you can go live and receive donations of “rubies” (coins used on the platform) from those who watch your broadcast.

Finally, you can convert 50% of the proceeds into cash for your account.

How to make money on TikTok per view?

If you want to know how to make money with videos on TikTok, know that you have to meet some requirements.

So, before you learn how to make money on TikTok by making videos, you need to:

  • Be over 18 years of age;
  • Keep your TikTok account active, requiring at least one TikTok posted every 30 days;
  • Have reputable profile and follow community guidelines and terms of service;
  • Achieve a minimum number of followers and views.

So, if you want to be a content creator for this social network, it is essential that you keep your profile always active.

In other words, be part of the trends and have content that is attractive to the public.

So, in order to monetize your TikTok videos, you will need to have more than 10,000 followers and that your published videos have at least 10,000 views.

How to make money on TikTok by watching videos?

One of the biggest questions that many have regarding this social network is “how to make money watching TikTok?”.

Or, how to make money just by watching videos inside the app.

In this case, it is necessary to mention that you can earn money watching the videos, however, this option is only available for new users and only in the first days of the account.

Initially, watching videos within the app will be one of the daily missions.

So it will be possible for you to watch maximum 40 minutes of video while profiting at the same time.

However, if the mission to earn money by watching videos does not appear in your account, it means that you are already an older user and therefore do not fit the requirements for this type of mission.

How to earn money on TikTok after quests are over?

If you complete all TikTok daily quests and you run out of challenges, the best option to continue is to focus on producing content for the app and inviting friends if join the platform.

But remember that TikTok is a simple and easy-to-use video platform, so you'll be able to produce all your video within the app itself.

And, as it is a video platform, nothing prevents you from using its content and sharing it on other networks such as an Instagram account through “reels” or a YouTube channel.

This way, you can make your content reach a larger audience and be more likely to go viral.

To make it easier, learn how to download TikTok videos without watermark with SnapTik.

Frequently asked questions

See the most frequently asked questions about TikTok.

What is most successful on TikTok?

Once you've decided to become a content creator for TikTok, you should be on top of what is most successful on the social network.

For this reason, it is essential that you know the topics that are currently popular and invest in them.

So, here's a list of some of the best ways to succeed on TikTok.

  • Challenges;
  • Make videos with trending hashtags and add hashtags to your videos;
  • Dance videos;
  • Redubs;
  • Commentary and Opinion Videos;
  • “Secret” Tips and Tricks;
  • Video Edits.

How to go viral on TikTok?

Do you know what kind of content you are going to focus on producing? If so, excellent.

However, to help you have a more successful TikTok and get more views for your videos, follow the next practical tips on how to go viral in the app:

  • Produce original and unique content;
  • Be creative, try to stand out in the social network;
  • Follow trends and produce what is successful in the app ;
  • Know how to manage your video time, commonly shorter and faster videos are easier to go viral.
  • Be relaxed.

What is the best time to post on TikTok?

As a social media content creator, it is essential that you know more technical details about the app.

And one of them is knowing the best time to post a TikTok to get more views and reach a larger audience.

So, check out a table with the best times to post each day of the week:

  • Monday: 6 am, 10 am and 10 pm;
  • Tuesday: 2 am, 4 am and 9 am;
  • Wednesday: 7 am, 8 am and 11 pm;
  • Thursday: 9am, 12pm and 7pm;
  • Friday: 5am, 1pm and 3pm;
  • Saturday: 11am, 7pm and 8pm.< /li>
  • Sunday: 7am, 8am and 4pm;


In short, there's not much to learn about how to make big money on TikTok.

After all, you have to be creative and make viral videos.

Finally, before looking to make money on TikTok with likes, study viral videos, find the pattern and produce your own.

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