Instagram highlight color palette

Instagram highlight color palette

Choosing an Instagram highlight color palette is essential to creating a consistent visual identity.

In short, when adopting a digital marketing strategy, you should think about several aspects.

But, of all, the most important is how your campaign will impact your customer.

After all, the goal of all marketing is to get people to consume more of your product.

Because of this, many are concerned with making paid traffic or various other strategies.

And of course each one has its importance. However, the biggest mistake some people make is not paying enough attention to the small details. Well, they are the ones who make the difference.

Instagram highlight color palette

Among all the marketing strategies, perhaps one that people care less about is the colors that will be used in the project.

But, are colors capable of making your customer receive the message in a different way?

In short, human beings are reactive beings, that is, at all times we react in a certain way in virtue of something.

And, among these reactions, the main ones are those that involve some of our senses: taste, smell, touch, hearing and vision.

So, for a good marketing strategy, the ideal is to work with all of them.

As far as colors are concerned, they are capable of working our vision and, through what we see, we stimulate certain sensations in the brain.

This is the famous "psychology of colors".

That's why you should pay attention to your color palette for Instagram highlighting, for example.

After all, it can pique your followers' curiosity.

Instagram highlight-color palette: colors can influence

If you don't have much understanding of the subject, it's normal to have some doubts about it.

After all, can a simple color palette make your customer receive the message in a different way? The answer is yes.

It is normal for human beings to make associations. So, speaking of companies, when we talk about the color purple, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Most likely the Nubank institution, isn't it?

Just as it is normal to associate the color orange with Banco Inter, for example.

This is because it is part of the visual identity of each company.

That is, it becomes "reference", and therefore it becomes common to make such associations.

Similarly, cases where the brand replaces the product, the so-called metonymy. Other than that, colors have their own language, and that's why they are capable of causing different impacts.

In other words, seeing the color red is often associated with blood, attention or love.

But why does this happen? Because it is a social construction. It is normal to see healthcare companies such as Brasil Emergencies Medicas and other clinics that have this color in their logo or website. Therefore, this association becomes common.

And this happens with all other colors. Therefore, if you want your follower to take a certain action, it is essential to think about the color palette for highlighting on Instagram.

What is color psychology?

In short, color psychology is nothing more than an area of ​​human behavior that studies the relationship between colors and behavior.

In other words, it investigates how a color is able to affect our everyday decisions, including buying certain products.

These studies are based on answering some questions, such as:

  • Did the color of a dress influence the purchase?
  • Does the color of the packaging make us choose a specific brand?
  • Does the color of an app icon increase the chances of clicks?

And according to color psychology, yes. However, this is a somewhat subjective question as it depends on several factors.

These studies must take into account the country, city, value, age, sexual orientation and many other aspects.

Therefore, for the psychology of colors to work in your business or on your Instagram, it is essential to know what your brand persona is.

Using this data, you can create or adapt this approach for your audience.

Color-palette for Instagram and its meanings

In short, it is normal that you want to know which color palette you should use on your Instagram, including in your "Highlights".

However, this will depend on what you want to convey to your audience.

After all, as each color conveys an idea, you need to know what you want to convey.

So, in the next paragraphs, understand the symbology of some colors.

Instagram highlight-color-palette: red color symbology

Red is one of the colors used to attract your customers' attention.

And, in relation to the feelings that this color provides, one can quote:

  • Enthusiasm;
  • Passion;
  • Danger;
  • Energy;
  • Action;
  • Attention.

It is because of these feelings of attention and danger that the Civil Firefighter uses this color, for example.

Furthermore, as it creates the idea of ​​"action", it is common to see this color on "Buy Now" or "Buy Now" buttons.

Therefore, you should use red when you want your customer to do a certain action.

Instagram highlight-color-palette: orange color symbology

Within the study of colors, this palette represents creativity, adventure, joy, success and balance.

In view of this, it is common to see this color on ad sites that have a more relaxed approach.

Other than that, this color has a certain association with innocence and, no wonder, one of the biggest TV channels has this color predominant in its logo: Nickelodeon.

Well, it's an easy color to create association with, as it sticks easily in the mind.

So if you want to create an unforgettable visual image for your Instagram, this is a good color palette.

Instagram highlight-color-palette: yellow color symbology

Yellow refers to the sun and, because of that, this color refers to joy, optimism, positivism and warmth.

Because of this, many companies try to use this color as a background or just to bring a little highlight.

McDonald's is a great example of using this palette. So much so that it is very common for people to associate the place with fun and a more familiar environment, where children can play and feel happier.

So, on your Instagram, you can take advantage of this color palette to make your followers feel that your profile is a welcoming place, for example, where they can escape sadness.

Instagram highlight-color-palette: blue color symbology

Blue refers to the sky, which evokes the feeling of infinity, harmony, peace, calm and trust.

However, blue is also associated with the sea, which causes an idea of ​​coldness, uncertainty or distance.

Therefore, care must be taken when applying this color.

However, this is a color that has a strong presence in health management, precisely because it brings a certain confidence.

A very clear example of this is the company Oral B, so, by using blue, it conveys the idea of ​​quality and trust.

Therefore, within your Instagram profile, including highlights, you can use this palette to convey the idea of ​​calm, tranquility or confidence.


In short, choosing a color palette for Instagram is essential to create brand identity and create sensations in the target audience.

Also, the color palette for professional Instagram is just as important as it is for personal accounts.

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