Marketing for bodywork and painting to attract more customers

Marketing for bodywork and painting to attract more customers

First, for a business in this area to have an increase in customers, it is essential to understand marketing for bodywork and painting, especially in an increasingly digital world.

After all, attracting customers is a complex process, in which a strategy must be set up for the internet and also in the physical store itself, since these two areas must be in harmony.

In other words, it is necessary to always maintain a balance.

Well, it's no use for your business to be strong on social media and have problems in the physical store.

In addition to internet strategies, see some ways to better present your business, making it more attractive in every possible way.

Marketing for bodywork and painting to attract more customers

How to market bodywork and painting?

In short, there are 10 digital marketing strategies for bodywork and painting, they are:

  1. Show the customer that your service is necessary;
  2. Be present on social networks;
  3. Disclose on a specialized website;
  4. Attend customers always well;
  5. Show product varieties and prices;
  6. Give discounts and work on publicizing them;
  7. Have excellent service;
  8. Work on customer loyalty;
  9. Consider customer recommendations;
  10. Make eye-catching campaigns on social networks.

Below, understand more about each of these methods.

1. Show the customer that your service is needed

This is an essential point in marketing for bodywork and painting, you need to know how to present your service and product well to the customer.

In other words, show him that your service is really needed. In other words, selling the idea of ​​what your business does is a key step.

Often a customer looks at a service or product, and is even interested, but thinks he won't need the service.

That's why presentation is essential, you need to show customers that your service is important, that their vehicle is going to need a makeover.

Start working on this point. In this way, sales will quickly increase.

Do this on your social networks and also on a day-to-day basis at the body shop itself, since many are unaware of the importance of your service.

2. Marketing bodywork and painting on social media

If you haven't put this topic into practice yet, know that your body shop and paint marketing simply doesn't exist.

This point is fundamental because, in a world that increasingly uses the internet, there is no room for a business that is not connected.

Therefore, make an account on the two main social networks: Facebook and Instagram, these are the two main places of dissemination.

It is essential to fill in all the information, the more complete your profile, the better it will be for your customers.

Then, leave your phone number, address and a brief introduction about your establishment in the Facebook description.

Also, create an Instagram bio and interactive highlight telling more about your business.

Finally, posting frequency is essential, you should publish on these pages, promoting your service and products, and if possible, producing content about them.

3. Publish on a specialized website

Advertising in a specialized media on the subject is very important, since it already has an audience that is looking for this type of service.

This is undoubtedly a great marketing strategy for bodywork and painting.

A great example of a portal to advertise is the website Funilaria e Pintura na Zona Leste in São Paulo, SP.

This is one of the best sites in the niche, so most of the good establishments in the area advertise on it.

There are countless benefits, all the body shops that advertise on this site manage to win customers in a short time.

After advertising, it is common for the request for a quote made by people who got to know your body shop through the platform to increase considerably.

In most states of Brazil there are sites like this, they are always useful in the publicity process, especially for those who want to publicize the body shop for little money.

4. Marketing the bodywork and painting through excellent service

Everyone has had a bad experience at a body shop and painting shop, it's always horrible.

When an agent treats a potential shopper badly, they will likely never enter the store again.

Therefore, the treatment must be well worked out, this must be one of the marketing mottos for bodywork and painting.

Always try to be helpful to the customer, showing the options he is asking for and giving the necessary support, because, if he feels good at the place, he will certainly come back and/or refer you.

It's no use having good social networks, advertising on a good website and running campaigns if you don't welcome customers to the body shop.

So I recommend that you start working on this point, it will help a lot.

5. Show product varieties and prices

Here's another tip that will help you with marketing a body shop and painting.

Always present different products and prices to your customers, as they like to look at several options, in order to be sure which one is more advantageous.

This should be practiced both on the internet and at the physical point. Always disclose different products and prices on your social networks, this will make your profile more complete.

Always remember to emphasize the products with the best prices.

This practice should be done mainly in the body shop and painting.

Whenever a customer arrives, comment with him about the variety of products that your body shop has available, this will catch his attention and give your company more credibility.

6. Use discounts on marketing your bodywork and painting

If there's something Brazilians like, it's discounts, which always increases the number of sales in any store.

That's why good bodywork and paint marketing always works to provide some benefits to customers.

But for that you need to have a plan. At the beginning of each semester or month, see which products or services can earn a discount without harming the body shop.

After doing this organization, apply the discount, as it will attract more customers.

However, it is essential to publicize discounts, leave signs in evidence showing the price differences in the store, as well as publicize them on your social networks.

In this case, it is extremely important to specify the old price and the percentage discount being applied.

7. Train your team

In a previous topic, it has already been mentioned about the importance of customer service for the marketing of bodywork and painting.

However, it's not just the owner who should be aware of this, but every member of the team.

For this reason, all company employees must pay attention to this point, from those who work at the cashier to those who do the service.

If you have any type of contact with a customer, you should receive a course or training to treat well and seek to solve the customer's problems in the best way.

Attracting buyers is important, however, it is even more important to maintain this clientele, because, in addition to coming back more often, he can refer you to friends who need a similar service.

8. Stay in customer loyalty

Setting up strategies to retain customers is a point that should be incorporated into the marketing of any body shop and painting.

There are many strategies that can be done, one of which has already been mentioned, which is customer service.

Another quite common one is the delivery of gifts or special discounts to customers.

So develop such strategies. For example, a customer who always hires your service may receive a discount or a gift.

I'm sure this will make him love your painting bodywork even more.

In service establishments, the rate of returning customers is not always high, so it's up to you to come up with a plan to increase that rate.

9. Consider customer recommendations

For your service and service to improve, it is very important to listen to what those who enjoy it have to say, this is an essential tactic in the marketing of a brand.

Therefore, consider customer recommendations, see the reviews they leave on Google My Business, both positive and negative, as they will help improve the quality of service and care.

And when a customer makes a constructive complaint, know how to listen. After all, it can be something that bothers many customers.

When it comes to a trade, it's important to hear who's buying.

10. Make eye-catching campaigns on social media

Generally speaking, running eye-catching campaigns on social media can help attract many customers.

When the discounts are available, make eye-catching campaigns about them, at least three posts about them.

Make it clear that this is an unmissable opportunity and that no other trade is providing the price.

This is a great mental trigger and this type of call is indispensable for strengthening the online audience.

You should understand what is the best form of disclosure for your case.

If you think that just organic advertising is enough, then just stick with it, if paid advertising is attractive, it doesn't hurt to invest in it.

But know that you can use SEO to attract customers for free through Google.


In short, these are the 10 best marketing strategies for a body shop and painting company.

With them, you will be able to attract a greater number of customers to your body shop. Just plan and put the above points into practice.

Always remember to do good online campaigns and serve your customers in the best possible way to retain them.

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