Marketing in the metaverse: strategies and insights

Marketing in the metaverse: strategies and insights

Marketing in the metaverse is essential because it is an environment of relationships, shopping and other types of experiences. Therefore, metaverse marketing aims to include companies and brands in user experiences.

In short, digital marketing in the metaverse is an evolution of internet advertising.

After all, it is an immersive, interactive channel that is enhanced to provide more experiences for users.

What is metaverse?

In short, the metaverse is the future and an extension of the world, first described in Neil Stephenson's Cyberpunk book Snow Crash.

In the book, the protagonist Hiro Protagonist is a pizza delivery boy, but in the metaverse, he is a samurai prince.

Another example is the movie The Matrix, which elucidates the complexity of a metaverse.

Marketing in the metaverse: strategies and insights

That is, real people can connect in a virtual world to live experiences, work, relate to other people, etc.

In this way, marketing for the metaverse opens doors for buying and selling products, contracting services and working on real-world brand identity.

Advantages-and-disadvantages of marketing to the metaverse

Firstly, it can be said that the metaverse takes digital inclusion to another level.

After all, in the virtual world it will be easier to create interactive environments focused on education, health, the job market, etc.

However, it can be said that the metaverse is still an expensive technology.

For this reason, many people still do not have access to the digital extension of reality.

Marketing in the metaverse

First, giant tech companies have invested billions of dollars to make the metaverse possible.

In addition, brands such as Itaú, Gucci and Nike are already present in this environment, allowing users to buy products and interact with them.

Still, many companies and people have invested in the purchase of spaces in disputed areas of the metaverse.

In view of this, many people began to look for ways to buy land in the metaverse.

After all, the closer to the brands and companies that will bring more public, the better it is for your company.

For marketing in the metaverse allows your company to be visited by people from anywhere in the world in real time, just by having the necessary equipment.

In other words, the purpose of the metaverse is to facilitate people's daily lives and generate entertainment.

In other words, instead of going to the supermarket, driving and having fuel costs, the person can connect to the metaverse, visit the market in the virtual world, select the products, pay and wait for the products to arrive at their home.

Therefore, marketing to the metaverse is the best way for your company to follow the technological trend and increase your sales.

However, it is necessary to understand all the logistics involved in interacting with users.

How to marketing to the metaverse?

As in the various digital marketing strategies, promoting a brand in the metaverse requires some good practices.

Understand each of them below.

1. Understand your audience

The first step in marketing in the metaverse, as well as on the internet in general, is understanding your target audience.

That's why it's essential to create a persona for your company so that your strategies are more assertive.

2. Focus on customer loyalty

In short, when a brand focuses on conquering and retaining customers, its interaction with the public is governed by several factors, which are:

  • Excellence, humanized and efficient service;
  • Loyalty programs;
  • Availability and support;
  • Anticipation of customer needs;< /li>
  • Communication channels.

3. Track and study your competitors

Marketing for the metaverse is very versatile, so studying your competitors is essential to design improved strategies.

This way, follow the steps below to study your competitors in the metaverse:

  1. Identify your competitors;
  2. Collect information about them;
  3. Identify their strengths and weaknesses;
  4. Build a competitive advantage .

4. Invest in social media marketing

Social networks are still great customer acquisition channels.

So use your pages to invite people to visit your site or your space in the metaverse.

For this, you can use paid traffic to increase the visibility of your calls.

5. Use content marketing to attract more customers

Just like social media, content marketing on blogs, YouTube and other channels are great ways to attract good customers to your company.

In other words, create valuable content for your audience and, if possible, invest in viral content to drive discovery.


In short, metaverse marketing opens new doors to create new user experiences and capture new customers.

After all, it is an environment where the user seeks practicality to solve what he needs.

So, whether to buy, sell or experiment, the metaverse is the best current solution.

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