Strategies to increase sales at the beginning of the year

Strategies to increase sales at the beginning of the year

  • Lucas Ferraz
  • December/2021

Strategies to increase sales at the beginning of the year

It is necessary to use strategies to increase sales at the beginning of the year as an exit to move companies' cash.

Strategies to increase sales at the beginning of the year

In general, the beginning of the year causes a weak movement in physical stores and service providers.

After all, many people use this period to travel.

Also, this is a time when people are still paying the bills for Christmas and New Year's Eve.

That's why it's critical to understand how to use marketing to increase sales early in the year.

In the case of companies that sell products, this is a bigger problem, as many products remain in stock, which generates a loss.

However, there are ways to increase sales in this period using digital and traditional marketing strategies.

Strategies to increase sales at the beginning of the year

Below, here are some tips to understand what to do to increase sales at the beginning of ano.

1. Understand the previous year

First, it is necessary to take a look back to understand how the company performed over the past year.

So, with this analysis, you will understand the difficulties that occurred so that you can create countermeasures in case it happens again.

Also, remember the strategies for increasing sales that you used in the past year.

Then, try to replicate them in order to overcome the previous result.

2. Work your team's motivation

It is well known that having a motivated team is a great way to increase company sales.

That's why I recommend that you read my article on what endomarketing is and how to use this strategy to motivate your team.

Currently, endomarketing is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy and motivating routine within a company.

3. Create achievable goals

Have you created goals in the past year? After all, it is essential to work with goals and objectives to define a brand's growth path.

Therefore, it is no use looking for ways to increase sales at the beginning of the year if your company does not have defined goals.

At first, I recommend holding a meeting with your team to understand each other's point of view.

After all, goals need to be achievable, but at the same time challenging.

4. Do email marketing

One way to attract good customers to your company and increase your sales is through email marketing.

So, take the time to remind your customers about your brand, products and services.

Take the time to alert them about offers, promotions and conditions.

E-mail marketing is a resource often used by large companies to increase internet sales.

5. Create offers and promotions

If your company is a physical store, you have the advantage of being able to use the business space to make an event or a promotion campaign.

So if you choose this way to increase sales, decorate the place to create a cozy atmosphere.

Also, take the time to choose good music and assemble your team to define your approach strategies.

If feasible, make a promotion on prices or payment method.

Finally, using this event to attract new customers is a great way to increase sales.

6. Invest in paid traffic

If your company has a website, you can invest in the digital strategy of buying traffic.

But what is paid traffic anyway?

In short, this technique consists of bringing interested people to your site through advertisements in different places on the internet.

However, you need to create a website if your company doesn't have one yet.

7. Have an after sales routine

After-sales is essential to retain customers and open doors for word-of-mouth marketing.

Among the after-sales advantages, the main ones are:

  • Increase in customer retention;
  • Biggest competitive advantage in the market;
  • Possibility to collect data during the service;
  • Bigger approach with the customer.

8. Keep up with the competition

Finally, it's essential to keep up with your competitors to improve your business.

After all, competitive analysis allows you to learn from others' mistakes to improve your processes.

So, understand your competitors' differentials in order to create ways to increase your sales.

How to increase sales on Instagram?

Check out these tips to increase sales on Instagram:

  1. First, have a business account;
  2. Then fill in the entire profile and create a biography for Instagram;
  3. Show your company's internal culture;< /li>
  4. Create exclusive promotions for followers;
  5. Always use location and hashtags;
  6. Create contests among followers;
  7. Make sponsored ads;< /li>
  8. Finally, have a publishing calendar.

How to increase sales on Mercado Livre?

Understand some ways to increase online sales using Mercado Livre:

  1. First, write titles using keywords;
  2. Then create a complete and optimized description with the keyword;
  3. Take good pictures of the products;
  4. Offer free shipping;
  5. Generate sales volume to get a good score;
  6. Finally, offer the best service to your customers.

The above tips are also great if you are looking to increase sales of clothing in your brick-and-mortar store.

How to increase sales on the Shopee?

Learn some methods on how to sell more on Shopee:

  1. First, use keywords in your ads;
  2. Then use quality photos;
  3. Create a complete and detailed description;
  4. li>Work your store layout;
  5. Invest in Shopee ADS;
  6. Create great offers;
  7. Get reviews for your products;
  8. Use the competitive pricing policy;
  9. Finally, invest in delivery to have a difference.

How to increase sales through Facebook?

Learn what to do to increase online sales with Facebook:

  1. First, use quality images;
  2. Then use a CTA (Call To Action);
  3. Use videos whenever possible;< /li>
  4. Announce new products;
  5. Always post at peak times;
  6. Use the Facebook Marketplace;
  7. Always post in groups;< /li>
  8. Create exclusive sweepstakes and offers for your followers;
  9. Finally, have a great delivery service.

How to increase sales on iFood?

See some tips to increase restaurant or diner sales in iFood:

  1. First, always use good photos on the menu;
  2. Have more extensive opening hours;
  3. Use loyalty programs;
  4. Accept coupons on days with lower demand;
  5. Create offers and promotions;
  6. Follow customer reviews;
  7. Finally, study the competition to set your prices and delivery fee.

How to increase sales in e-commerce?

Check out 8 ways to increase online store sales:

  1. Have an active routine on social media;
  2. Use the website optimization strategy, to understand more read my SEO beginner guide;
  3. Invest in content marketing;
  4. Buy qualified traffic;
  5. Remarket;
  6. Place your products in the main marketplaces;
  7. Use the post- sales as a differential.

In addition, you can seek out a social media agency to promote greater proximity to your audience.


In short, there are several strategies to increase sales early in the year and attract customers in times of demand crisis.

In addition, digital marketing is a great ally of small businesses to avoid a sudden drop in sales in unusual periods.

Finally, I hope these 8 tips on how to increase sales are useful for your company to sell more during this period.

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