Tips on how to write the text of “Who We Are” on the website

Tips on how to write the text of “Who We Are” on the website

Many companies believe that people do not access the “About Us” or “About Us” page, after all, this page displays information about the company, its foundation, qualifications, history, etc.

Even if it is not widely accessed, the “Who We Are” page is very important for a website and having a succinct and well-written text is essential to convey credibility to the user.

For those who say that the text on the “About Us” page is the hardest to write, and in fact it's not something simple and easy, so check out these tips on how to write the text of “Who We Are” from your website.

How to write the “Who We Are” text?

Below, see 5 tips for writing a text about your company.

1. Share relevant company information

It is very important that the text on the “About Us” page is clear and succinct. Try to put yourself in the user's shoes and what they would like to know about your company and how this information would impact the purchase decision.

Tips on how to write the text of “Who We Are” on the website

Some information you can quote:

  1. When the company was founded;
  2. How long has the company been in the market;
  3. In which areas you work and what experience;
  4. What services and products do you offer;
  5. Differentials in the market;
  6. Mission, vision and values.

Avoid stretching the text so that reading is fast and focus only on the relevant information.

Briefly share your company's story and show what your business is worth and why it matters to the market.

2. Focus on your quality and experience

Certainly your company has several competitors in Brazil, so present the quality and differentials of your services and products.

It is important to mention your certificates, awards or other recognitions about your performance.

You can also display testimonials from your customers and their experiences with your services and products.

All this conveys credibility to the user and increases confidence in your brand.

3. Mission, Vision and Values

We live in a society that values ​​principles and values, which makes it important for your company to share this information.

Understand the concepts of mission, vision and values ​​so that you can better write these points for your “About Us” page.

  • Mission: reason for the company's existence;
  • Vision: mission related, a goal to be achieved;
  • Values: non-negotiable principles, generally linked to a company philosophy.

4. Use a photo of the facade or the team

I recommend using at least one photo of the front of the company or of the team together.

This type of photo can narrow the distance between your company and the user, contributing even more to the brand's trust.

5. Don't leave the information out of date

Over time, the information on the “About Us” or “About Us” page may become outdated.

Therefore, it is important to update the information on the page with each achievement, milestone or new market performance.


I hope you understand the importance of the About Us page on your site and how it can influence the purchase decision of some users.

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