Website optimized for SEO: advantages and benefits

Website optimized for SEO: advantages and benefits

A website optimized for SEO is a company's greatest marketing tool, as it ensures the generation of organic traffic and qualified leads passively and automatically.

These days, if you have a website, or intend to have one, you will have to work on SEO - Search Engine Optimization techniques.

In Portuguese, it means: Optimization for Search Engines. However, not everyone knows what it is and how to do SEO the right way.

So, if you want to have a business on the internet, you must first know what it is, the concepts and then seek specialized help to leverage your business on the internet.

But, this is something that should be done early on.

However, if you already have a website, don't worry, you can redesign it.

Website optimized for SEO: advantages and benefits

But for you to succeed in a digital venture, you must have a series of prior knowledge on the subject to be able to leverage your business.

What is the purpose of SEO?

The main purpose of SEO is to bring more audience to your website with website optimization. That way, more people come to you.

And if you are seen, you will be remembered.

With more people accessing your blog, e-commerce or institutional site, you will be more likely to close services, sell your product or disseminate information.

What is SEO?

Do you know what SEO is? In short, it is a set of techniques used by webmasters to optimize a website and thus make it rise in search engine rankings.

Some examples of search engines are: Google, Bing, Yandex and others.

So, if you want to know how to get a website in the top position on Google, SEO is the only way.

Such techniques are essential for you to be well positioned. This will leverage your company, your business or even your personal service.

However, for this you will need to have a website optimized for SEO and proceed with the optimization work.

Without these techniques applied correctly, your business will not position itself in the search engines.

In other words, if you have a romantic restaurant in SP and you don't apply SEO techniques correctly, you make it difficult for other people to find your business.

That's why hiring a professional or serious company that develops White Hat techniques for keywords that are right for you is of great importance.

This point is emphasized, because if you hire a professional or company in bad faith, they may develop prohibited techniques.

These techniques are known as Black Hat, you'll even get results quickly.

But once this is discovered by search engines, you could be penalized and have your business removed from searches.

What is SERP?

In short, SERP comes from the English Search Results Pages. Translated, it means in Portuguese: Search Page Results.

When you search for something on Google, it gives you multiple results in a SERP. That is, a page containing the result with the best content about what you searched for.

SERPs are very important as a concept to understand what SEO is.

After all, when you do and apply White Hat techniques to your site correctly, you will appear in the SERPs closer and closer to the top spots.

What is White Hat?

White Hat techniques are the techniques (rules) considered "natural" or "allowed" by search engines.

And, if you use them, you will stay within the results for the market you want to explore.

Therefore, it is very important that you look for a professional or serious company to develop these White Hat techniques on your site.

However, be aware that this type of technique only works in the medium or long term.

So, if you think about hiring an SEO specialist, keep in mind that you will have to invest in quality content and a number of other things (requested by the SEO professional) for you to have results.

These first results may come between 6 months and 1 year.

What is Black Hat?

In short, black hats are techniques considered prohibited by search engines. They, at first, can facilitate your positioning on a particular subject, or keyword, in the short term. But if discovered, they can give you serious headaches.

If your optimization project is being developed by a professional or company that is not serious and uses such techniques, you could have serious losses.

After all, if discovered, your site will be dropped from search engines. This is called "penalty".

What is a penalty?

Each search engine has its rules regarding these so-called Black Hat "cheats".

And, depending on the degree to which you have used these prohibited techniques, you could be penalized and thus have less audience for your project.

These penalties are aimed at correcting "smarts" who seek to move up in keywords in the search quickly, and thus, get ahead of other people who have done it honestly and in the long term to climb and position in a certain subject.< /p>

These techniques are used so that people who use White Hat can have their work recognized, because doing honest and serious work on the internet takes time and consumes resources.

In other words, imagine that you did 3 intense years of work for the keyword "Plant Pots for Campinas" and placed in the top 3 with well-produced content and exceptional service, and you see a competitor with a job of 6 months wearing Black Hat and take your position.

Your sales will drop and that will damage your business, won't it? Therefore, search engines can automatically penalize.

In other words, robots will identify and penalize this site. However, some of them must be reported.

Why report a competitor who uses Black Hat?

If you have a competitor who uses Black Hat techniques, you should report them to the search engines to be penalized.

After all, it's causing problems for you and the other competitors who are playing fair in your market.

There are times that, depending on the degree of cheating that your competitor seeks to develop, it will trigger an alert in the search engines themselves.

That way, they can keep an eye on what's happening on that site.

In other words, the complaint could be the watershed for the removal of SERPs.

What is-site-optimized?

There are a number of techniques to be applied to a website before all the external work has to be done.

With that, you will need to hire a competent SEO professional or a digital marketing agency that provides this service.

This work is very deep, since it goes from the domain name to the server used, in addition to using a series of rules in the development of all the pages present on the site, and thus fulfilling all the requirements that the search engines require.

1. Link Building

Having an interconnected internal content structure, that is, content that completes or responds to each other is very important.

The SEO professional develops this part. However, the content production part will have to be done by you, your company or hired professional.

There is also External Link Building. It must be done exactly as requested by the SEO professional or SEO agency so that its results can be achieved and remain.

2. Search optimized site

There are webmasters who want to see their websites ranking very well in searches and their intentions are to convert the audience with the first places in clicks, affiliation systems, ad programs or even for the sale of products or services.

3. Website optimized for sales

A site optimized for sales is usually made precisely for the purpose of conversion, that is, to make users who find the site in the first positions enter and buy the product or hire the service provided.

4. Mobile optimized website

It is very necessary to have a mobile-optimized website, because nowadays, about 75% of internet access is through these devices.

For this reason, creating a mobile-optimized website is extremely important, you can look to develop an AMP or responsive website that works on PC, Mobile, Tablet or other types of devices.

Having a project with a mobile-optimized website can make you go up in searches, as the engines give preference to them.

5. Website optimized to capture leads

This type of site optimized to capture leads is a specific type and has been gaining popularity in the market in the last 2 years.

In short, it aims to obtain information from possible lists of customers interested in a certain subject.

6. Website optimized for Google

There are SEO professionals, SEO agencies and Digital Marketing who seek to follow only the rules of creating a website optimized for Google.

However, there are others who try to use the Google Ads system of paid traffic to get people to find their site.

What are the advantages of an optimized-site?

Some of the advantages are:

  • Easy to position in the first results;
  • Lower server expenses;
  • Higher conversion of clicks and leads.

1. Speed

Few people know, but potential customers, when accessing slow sites, try to leave them.

That is, due to a bad experience, they run away and don't convert into sales, leads or clicks.

Having a website designed and optimized for speed will give you better conversion data.

2. Usability

A website designed with usability in mind will make your customer initially create more trust in you.

After all, sites like this are considered safe and professional, as they are easy to navigate due to their usability.

So, be careful to try to develop a beautiful and usable site.

3. Lead Capture

Optimizing a site to capture leads is extremely important, as data is currently the currency of exchange.

Usually, a WordPress optimized site is developed to capture customers.

So, if you know who your customers are and get information from them, it will make it easier to be able to send promotions and convert them into sales.


In short, a website optimized for SEO is essential for companies, brands and businesses, because, due to its speed and good usability, it guarantees the generation of qualified leads.

So even though website optimization is a medium to long term strategy, the ROI (return on investment) is high. After all, SEO has lasting results even after the campaign is over.

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