What is holistic marketing and what are its 4 pillars

What is holistic marketing and what are its 4 pillars

Holistic marketing is about integrating all areas of a business to provide a good customer experience.

First, the market is becoming more and more competitive, so the philosophy of holistic marketing is gaining ground to win and retain customers.

This way, through the integration of the processes of the company's sectors using the 4 pillars of holistic marketing, it is possible to significantly improve results.

What is holistic marketing?

In short, the definition of holistic marketing is the integration of all business processes.

After all, regardless of the sector, the goal is the same.

However, it is necessary to integrate the processes of the sectors to improve the company's internal communication.

What is holistic marketing and what are its 4 pillars

So, the concept of holistic marketing is basically to see all the processes of the business sectors as a whole, towards the same goal.

Finally, the idea is to increase the customer base and loyalty.

Why is holistic marketing important?

Now that you understand the meaning and what holistic marketing is, you need to understand its advantages.

Currently, you need to connect the buyer persona to the company, but to do that you need to take an innovative approach and practice relationship marketing.

For this, it is necessary to create a well-defined brand persona, integrate the sectors and carry out assertive actions.

So, both in face-to-face service and in digital marketing strategies, the results will be superior.

Furthermore, holistic marketing is essential for building the company's brand, something precious in such a competitive market.

After all, a company that has a recognized brand and is assertive in its relationship with the public, can increase its ROI (return on investment) by investing in creating a website and conducting online advertising campaigns.

What are the 4 pillars of holistic marketing?

To do holistic marketing, you need to understand what the 4 pillars are, so understand about them below.

Integrated Marketing

In short, integrated marketing depends on the 4 Ps of marketing, they are: product, price, promotion and place.

For this reason, it is necessary to keep these pillars well balanced in order to be able to be influential with the company's public.

So, in any kind of advertising campaign, understand the persona to know how to get noticed by them.

This is the most important moment when using brand positioning, as all advertising, regardless of the chosen medium, must convey a clear and unique message.

Relationship Marketing

Currently, in the midst of so much competition, relationship marketing is no longer a differential and has become a rule.

After all, it's a great way to build customer loyalty.

Check out some relationship marketing actions:

  • Always provide impeccable service;
  • Send messages and discounts on special dates;
  • Send promotions for products or services that are of interest to the customer;
  • Perform satisfaction surveys after purchase or hire;
  • Give gifts or offer loyalty plans.

In other words, relationship marketing is about showing the customer that he is important to the company.

However, relationship marketing must also be practiced internally with employees.

Performance Marketing

In short, performance marketing is a strategy that aims to monitor all the company's actions to understand and quantify the return.

For this, you need to establish metrics to be able to analyze them.

So, it is possible to know:

  • Company service quality;
  • Return on investment;
  • Quality of products and services;
  • Customer loss rate;
  • Customer acquisition cost;
  • Brand growth;
  • Customer satisfaction.

Internal Marketing

Internal marketing, also known as endomarketing, aims to increase employee satisfaction with the company.

In this way, it is necessary to take actions, offer benefits and provide a good infrastructure for the functions to be performed.

After all, a satisfied employee generally works harder, produces more, and provides better service.

The main benefits of internal marketing are:

  • Improved internal communication;
  • Increased sales;
  • Talent retention;
  • Reduction in turnover rate.

How to do holistic marketing?

If you are looking for a holistic marketing orientation, check out the 3 steps below.

1. Analysis

First of all, it is necessary to understand the scenario of the company and competitors, and then create and plan the goals.

For example, it's no use investing time and money in various digital marketing strategies if your company doesn't have a website yet.

So, you need to look for a reference company in the website creation service.

To do this, study your audience and your customers to create more assertively targeted approaches.

2. Creation

Based on the analyses, it is possible to draw strategies to align the sectors.

However, it is necessary to understand the customer, their needs and desires to define the best solutions.

This will make it simpler to define some things, like:

  • The brand persona;
  • What are the best customer relationship channels;
  • How they want to be treated;
  • What is the profile of purchase of your audience.

3. Delivery

Once you've created a good plan, it's time to execute and create an exceptional experience for your target audience.

So, deliver value and make your customers feel part of your brand through relationship marketing.

But, remember to monitor the results and adapt them if necessary.


Once you know what holistic marketing is and what its 4 pillars are, you might be interested in reading my complete holistic SEO guide.

I hope you understand what holistic marketing is, its 4 pillars and the importance of running it in your company.

Also, understand that holistic marketing and customer value are the same thing.

After all, by establishing a single objective and integrating the business sectors, it is possible to grow the brand in the market.

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