What is a website, what types of websites and why have a website?

What is a website, what types of websites and why have a website?

If you want to start some digital marketing strategy, understand what a website is, what types of websites are, why have a website and how to have a professional website that generates results.< /p>

First, a website is made up of a set of web pages hosted on the same server.

So, a website or site may provide articles, images, videos and other materials on one or more subjects.

What does website mean?

The term Website is a combination of two words, they are: web and site.

So, website means a place on the internet.

However, even though in Brazil the term has been abbreviated, this is what site means.

What is a website, what types of websites and why have a website?

What is a website?

In Brazil, we call it website, but abroad, the most used term is website.

Currently, having an internet site is essential for companies, after all, many people search for services and products daily in the digital environment

That's why many people look for information to know if a site is trustworthy.

This is because thanks to the popularization of the internet in Brazil and around the world, many malicious websites have emerged to steal data and information from users.

Finally, if you are doing a college or course work and the proposal is that you define a website, understand which website or website are the correct terms.

Also, if you need the definition of what a web page is, it consists of a document written in HTML language, which may contain CSS, JS, images, videos and other media.

What is Responsive Website?

Basically, a responsive site is one that can fit any screen size.

Currently, most internet access is via cell phones.

This is why creating a responsive website is essential to providing a good user experience.

What is Optimized Website?

In general, an optimized site is one designed in the UX (user experience).

So it provides:

  • Responsiveness;
  • Upload speed;
  • Compatibility with SEO and other digital marketing strategies;
  • Management ease.

What is a wordpress site?

A Wordpress site is nothing more than a set of pages made within the Wordpress environment.

Wordpress is a platform for creating and managing web pages.

In addition, the platform has several features, such as: plugins, themes (layouts), settings, etc.

Currently, Wordpress is the most used WEB platform in the world.

What is a website for?

In short, the purpose of a set of internet pages is to disseminate information, products and services.

In addition, nowadays there are several systems and tools online, that is, sites that provide resources for people.

For example, in addition to my website having content and promoting services, I also offer some free tools, such as:

  • WhatsApp link generator;
  • Character counter;
  • And many others.

What are the site types?

In order to get even deeper into what a website is, be aware that there are several types of websites.

After all, there are multiple purposes for a WEB page and different types of target audiences and different personas.

So, to understand all the differences and goals, check out each of the site types.

1. Institutional website

In short, the institutional site is one of the most sought after and used types in the world, as they are the most used by companies, whether small, medium or large.

In other words, in most cases, institutional sites have the following pages:

  • Main page (Home);
  • About (About us);
  • Products or services;
  • Portfolio
  • Blog;
  • Contact;
  • Privacy Policy;
  • Terms of Use.

Finally, having an institutional website is the basics to promote a company for free on the internet.

So, a website with WhatsApp is essential to turn hits into leads.

2. Site One Page (Landing Page)

With just one page, the option to create a One Page website has been a viable option for professionals who cannot invest in an institutional website.

After all, a One Page site is cheaper and more straightforward.

So, if you are in doubt about creating a website or landing page, if you have limited financial resources, suddenly the One Page website can be a good starting solution.

3. Online store (E-commerce)

Having a virtual store or e-commerce is a great advantage for those who want to sell products on the internet.

In short, online stores have features such as: shopping cart, payment options, wish list, user and supplier registration.

4. Virtual showcase

In general, a virtual storefront is very similar to an e-commerce.

However, the virtual storefront does not have online purchase capabilities.

So, even if they have all the products registered and accessible, to purchase the product, it is necessary to contact the company, either by form, WhatsApp, email or phone.

5. Blog

The blog can be a website or a resource within a set of WEB pages.

In short, the blog is an aggregator of publications, which can be classified by categories, tags and publication date.

In addition, a blog allows you to perform content marketing, a very important advertising strategy on the internet.

What is a blog or personal website?

Today, many people have a personal website whose resources are from a blog.

So they publish regularly on different subjects, routine, tips, etc.

6. Hot site

A hot site is usually a temporary page for selling a limited product, publicizing an event, course, etc.

This way, after fulfilling its objective, the page is removed from the internet.

7. Portal

Generally divided into several categories and subjects, portals have many publications.

An example of a Brazilian site with this architecture is Portal Útil.

Why have a website?

Currently, having a professional website is essential for a company to be relevant in the digital environment.

After all, more than 81% of the Brazilian population already has access to the internet.

With this data, it is possible to understand the importance of why you currently have a website.

In other words, keeping your brand information, products and services accessible on the internet at all times can attract customers to your company.

Finally, check out the main advantages of having a website:

  • Presence of the brand in the digital environment;
  • Information available at any time;
  • Attract new customers;
  • Better results in marketing strategies digital.

How to have an internet site?

Now that you know what a website is, you need to understand how to have one.

So, to understand how to have a website, understand some prerequisites.

1 - Register a domain

The domain is your website address.

So, to register a domain, you can use registrar.br.

2 - Hire a website hosting

Hosting is a service that makes your pages available on the internet.

To get deeper into the subject, check out my article on Best Website Hosting for SEO.

3 - Hire or create a website

Some hosting servers provide a feature called a WEB page builder.

With it, you can create a page easily, just drag the components.

So you don't need to know anything about programming or WEB development to create multiple pages from scratch.

However, hiring the creation of optimized sites from a marketing agency with expertise is the best way to have a professional layout.

After all, a page needs to have several features, like:

  • Full opening in up to 3 seconds;
  • Good user experience (UX);
  • Ease of navigation.

How to attract more clients with SEO

In a nutshell, SEO aims to make a page more relevant to users and Google.

This is done through Google EAT (Expertise, Authority and Reliability).

In other words, if you are looking to learn how to get your site number one on Google, SEO is the only strategy for that.

To dig deeper into the subject, check out my beginner's guide to SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

Why does my site appear as unsafe?

If your site appears as unsecured, it means that it does not have a security certificate.

That is why it is essential to have a website with https.

So to fix this problem, request an SSL certificate from the company that provides your hosting server.

Is the correct website or website?

Currently, the most used term in Brazil is website, even so, the term website is still correct to refer to a set of pages on the internet.

Website or Instagram, which is better?

If you are in doubt between investing in a website or Instagram, the ideal is to invest in both.

After all, both options can attract customers when advertised correctly.

How to create free sales website?

Through Wix and Wordpress it is possible to create a free sales website without needing programming skills.

This way, just create an account and start setting up your sales pages.

Even if there are ways to use it for free, there are also paid options that free up more resources.

Why doesn't my site appear on Google?

If your domain has been up and running for more than a month and it still doesn't appear in Google, register in Google Search Console and submit your sitemap.

If your domain is not yet listed, contact a marketer or agency to resolve the issue.

What is a sample site?

In short, a sample site is a pre-programmed theme or layout for others to use.

Even though some options are paid and require a license to use, there are many free themes on the internet.

What is Instagram website and bio?

The biography for Instagram is an essential resource of the social network.

So, when a business profile puts the digital address in the bio, it is possible to attract a lot of hits.

However, even if you can only put one link in the Instagram bio, you can get around this limit using Linktree.

Website or app, which is better?

When in doubt between having a website or an application, you need to understand the needs of your audience.

After all, a page on the Internet can be accessed by anyone, whether from their cell phone or computer.

As for apps, they must be installed before use.

So when it comes to usability, marketing and attracting new customers, having an app might not be a good option.


In short, a website aggregates several pages on the internet.

In addition, there are several types of pages, each with a specific purpose.

However, you must have a domain and a hosting server to keep your pages accessible on the internet.

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