10 chinese sites with free shipping on sales to Brazil

10 chinese sites with free shipping on sales to Brazil

Above all, buying products on china sites with free shipping to Brazil is a cheaper outlet for many Brazilians.

However, this is only possible thanks to the Hong Kong government subsidy that makes shipping from East Asia free to Brazil and other countries.

Furthermore, if you are engaged in selling products purchased on Chinese websites, searching for Chinese online stores with free shipping can lower your acquisition cost, which affects your profit.

After all, there is no point in investing in digital marketing strategies if your products will cost more, reducing your competitiveness and your profit.

This article covers:

10 chinese sites with free shipping on sales to Brazil

Why buy products from chinese-sites?

First, some of the stores allow payment by bank slip, which does not require an international credit card.

But a point to note is the delivery time when buying from Chinese sites.

In other words, Chinese online stores ship products in containers by ship, making delivery take up to 90 days.

Even so, if you're buying a lot of products to resell, the cost is worth the lead time.

10 Chinese sites with free shipping to Brazil

Check out some online stores in china that do not charge shipping from Brazil.

1. AliExpress

The AliExpress was one of the first Chinese market places to launch popularize in Brazil.

Learn some advantages of buying on AliExpress:

  • AliExpress displays prices in reais;
  • Free shipping to Brazil on some products;
  • Payment by bank slip;
  • Site in Portuguese;
  • Easy and intuitive search filter.

2. DealeXtreme

Initially, the DealeXtreme was a market place for electronic products, however, currently there are categories of beauty, health, etc.

See some advantages of buying on DealeXtreme:

  • Free shipping in some stores;
  • Option for payment by bank slip;
  • Real price.

3. Banggood

The Banggood became popular in Brazil in mid- 2019, becoming a great Chinese market place option.

Among others, get to know some features of Banggood:

  • Site in Portuguese;
  • Real prices;
  • Intuitive filter;
  • Free shipping to Brazil on some products;
  • Boleto payment option.

4. Alibaba

Like AliExpress, Alibaba is part from Alibaba Group, a chain of Chinese stores.

However, unlike AliExpress, Alibaba is focused on B2B (Business to Business) sales.

This way, most of the product catalog can only be purchased wholesale from a minimum quantity.

Because you buy wholesale, product prices are lower than in other stores.

Advantages of buying on Alibaba:

  • Lower prices;
  • Wholesale shopping;
  • Free shipping on some product categories.


The CIGABUY is the old TinyDeal and allows you to buy in several different currencies, but does not display real prices.

Even so, it is possible by bank slip on the Chinese website, but it is necessary to register in the EBANX system.

On the other hand, CIGABUY does not charge shipping to Brazil on some products.

6. Geatbest

The Gearbest is a Chinese store founded in 2014 having in its catalog: electronic products, fashion, home and garden, etc.

Differentials of buying at Gearbest:

  • Refund within 45 days;
  • 1 year warranty;
  • Quick customer support;
  • Payment via bank slip;
  • Free shipping on some purchases.

7. DHgate

The DHgate is a china wholesale store similar to Alibaba , therefore, it provides:

  • Lower prices;
  • Free shipping;
  • Pay by bank slip.

8. PriceElf

Although not well known in Brazil, the PriceElf, formerly BuyInCoins, has a good reputation among Chinese stores.

The site is focused on beauty and aesthetics, displays prices in reais and has free shipping.

9. Focalprice

The Focalprice is a marketplace for fashion, toys, home and garden, electronics and sports.

Even if the Chinese website does not display prices in real, it allows you to pay by bank transfer, PayPal and international credit card.

10. Mini in the Box

Lastly, the Chinese shop Mini In The Box is focused on electronics, fashion, and decoration.

See the biggest advantages when buying from Mini in the Box:

  • Virtual store in Portuguese;
  • Real price;
  • Free shipping to Brazil;
  • Lightning promotions.

What are the main advantages of buying from china-sites?

Above all, china sites are reliable to buy and are widely used by many Brazilians.

In addition, china's marketplaces have a vast diversification in their products, which attracts consumers from all over the world.

This way, Chinese stores offer exclusive advantages for those who buy products to resell, they are:

  • Firstly, the variety of products is superior to Brazil;
  • In this sense, Chinese stores have exclusive models;
  • In addition, prices are lower ;
  • Free shipping;
  • Finally, option to receive by epacket, safer and faster.


In short, whether you are a consumer or a retailer, shopping at Chinese stores with free shipping to Brazil lowers your product purchase cost.

So, with a higher profit, you can invest in strategies like Social Media or SEO to increase sales volume and recurrence.

In addition, digital marketing is the best advertising alternative to increase your company's visibility.

Finally, I hope this list of Chinese stores with free shipping to Brazil will help you with your shopping.

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