How to advertise a company for free on the internet in 4 ways

How to advertise a company for free on the internet in 4 ways

There are formulas on how to advertise a company for free on the internet and get new customers for new companies.

With the market increasingly competitive, new entrepreneurs find it difficult to position themselves for the target audience.

In addition, many of these new companies start without the cash to invest in digital marketing.

For this reason, ways to promote companies on the internet for free have become popular to meet the needs of these people.

So if you want to learn how to market your business on social media and Google, check out these tips.

4 ways to advertise a company for free on the internet

Check out how to promote a company that is starting.

How to advertise a company for free on the internet in 4 ways

1. How to advertise a company on Instagram

If you're looking for how to market your business on Instagram, you might think you need to get a lot of followers on Instagram.

However, it is possible to generate new sales opportunities on the social network without having any followers.

For this, you need to follow a few steps, they are:

  • First, create a good biography;
  • Then put the link to WhatsApp or the company's website in the bio;
  • Finally, publish from 1 to 2 feed images per day using hashtags and location.

If necessary, use my WhatsApp link generator.

2. How to advertise a company on Facebook

Unlike Instagram, the methods for promoting a company on Facebook are simpler.

So consider:

  • First, create a Facebook fanpage;
  • Then invite your friends to follow it;
  • Publish daily content on your page using hashtags;
  • Search groups where your persona is;
  • Finally, post at least once every other day to groups.

Check out my hashtag guide to learn how to use them to achieve reach.

3. How to advertise company on Google

In short, there are two ways to advertise a company on Google, understand the differences below.


SEO or Website Optimization is a strategy whose goal is to place a website in the top positions of Google without having to pay for an ad.

The biggest advantage of the strategy is that it provides a great long-term return on investment when executed well.

To learn more, see my SEO Beginners Guide.

Google Ads

Google Ads, formerly Adwords is Google's ad platform.

This way, you can pay to appear whenever someone searches for keywords related to your business.

A big advantage of advertising on Google Ads is that the result is very fast.

However, you need to plan and execute your campaign accurately to get a good return on investment.

4. Register your company on Google My Business

In short, in order to promote the company's WhatsApp, its services and products, it is necessary to create a Google My Business account.

So, in addition to your business appearing on Google Maps and gaining more visibility, it will also be possible to create a free One Page website.

Finally, the Google Meu Negócios platform is perfect for promoting service providers.

How to increase your company's outreach results?

1. Create a professional website

Before researching how much it costs to create a professional website, you need to know that there are some technical requirements for the purchase of the website to be advantageous.

In other words, your site needs to be:

  • Responsive;
  • Made in Wordpress;
  • Quick to load;
  • Good for user experience (UX);
  • Prepared to generate good conversions.

2. Invest in content marketing

Content marketing is about publishing content that solves your audience's pain.

This way, it is possible to reach people who are looking for how to solve problems, making them know your company.

This way, even if you don't get as many sales opportunities in the short term, your company gains by building the brand in the market.

3. Advertise on major social networks

Without a doubt, advertising on social networks is a valid path for companies that are starting out, after all, the ads will appear where your audience is.

This way, in addition to getting qualified traffic, it is also possible to get followers for your company's profile or page.

How to do content marketing for small businesses?

First, if you have a small business or plan to start, you need to learn how to market a business for free to be successful.

However, before learning to invest your time in digital advertising, you need to know what are the main mistakes of newcomers to digital marketing and how to avoid them.

So even if you don't understand much about the best digital marketing strategies, you'll get some results to start your business.


In short, there are several ways to advertise a company for free on the internet.

However, you need to understand the right target audience and plan the right approach.

Finally, I recommend doing the strategy planning with dedication to get a good plan.

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