How to work with digital marketing on mobile

How to work with digital marketing on mobile

Currently, there are several ways to work with digital marketing via mobile without investing money.

In short, as time passes, evolution has been more and more constant, affecting all areas.

In view of this, the scenarios have adapted to the new demands.

So much so that, nowadays, people have been wondering how to work with digital marketing on mobile.

However, one thing that needs to be said about this subject is that digital marketing is not limited to a specific "area", that is, it applies to any type of business.

In other words, he is able to expand the business to new heights.

How to work with digital marketing on mobile

So that means that whether you're working in the beauty or health field, it's essential that you know how to work with digital marketing via mobile.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a very broad area and, because of that, some people have some difficulty understanding what it actually is.

But, in short, it is a set of activities and strategies that a person or company does, where the aim is to sell in the digital realm.

However, to achieve this result, there is a long process to establish which shapes will lead to what is expected.

For this, different types of technology are used, such as blogs, websites, email marketing, social networks or Google's own search engine, for example.

And it is within this context that the question arises about how to work with digital marketing via mobile.

After all, once you run a campaign on how to sell through social media, it becomes possible to do it through a mobile device.

What-does-it-needs-by-work-with-digital-marketing by mobile?

Just as a doctor needs a stethoscope, a person who works with digital marketing via cell phone also needs their respective tools.

After all, there are some things that can make your job easier or more fluid.

So, to know how to work with digital marketing on mobile, you first need to align the points below.

1. A good phone

Have you ever seen a private driver work with a broken down vehicle? Having and taking care of good equipment is essential.

So how do you expect to do all the processes with a device that is slow or unresponsive to your commands?

So, the first thing you should do is look for a cell phone that has an acceptable configuration to support more files and documents.

Reflect: How many photos, files, or apps will you need to keep?

So, is it not necessary to have a device with ample storage? However, if you are going to sell clothes on Instagram, having a phone with a quality camera is also essential, no?

Therefore, know that it is necessary to invest in your work tool.

And for that matter, know that you can find several options for cheap iPhones, for example.

After all, nowadays, what you have the most is cell phone offers, which covers your range of options.

2. Good apps

Working with the internet is not always easy, especially if you are the one who has to organize everything.

In view of this, one solution is to opt for applications that help you manage these points.

Therefore, search for digital solutions that can help you in this process.

If you work with your company's cash flow, for example, a good tip is to look for apps that help you manage cash inflows and outflows, or that help you monitor inventory.

How-to-work-with-digital-marketing through mobile?

Below, see how to work with digital marketing on mobile.

1. Choosing a monetization strategy

If you are going to sell online, you need to define what your strategy will be to monetize your product or service.

Today, there are several possibilities to revert visibility to monetization, but for that, you need to focus.

In short, these days, the main forms of monetization are:

  • Subscription: This is a model applied when a company offers a product or service according to recurring payments. Examples: newspaper subscriptions or streaming services;
  • One-time direct sale: is one in which monetization comes from selling your product or service to the customer, but which are not recurring items, such as books, electronic devices, and others;
  • Recurring direct sales: the same concept as the one-time direct sale, however, there is more demand. That is, that the customer needs to buy frequently;
  • Advertising: is when you allow advertisers to advertise in your space, such as websites and blogs;
  • Commission: It is nothing more than when you receive a percentage in cash referring to the sale of some product or service.

2. Create a schedule

Without planning, life is an endless search for success.

So if you really want to make progress, you need to have goals and the resources you need to manage them.

Therefore, through your smartphone, look for solutions that help you in this regard.

After all, a good cell phone will allow you to have access to spreadsheets or a calendar with the publications that need to be made, for example.

3. Produce and publish content

People only buy what, in some way, solves their pain.

That is, you must show that your product is capable of solving the obstacle that the person may be experiencing.

So, produce and publish content that makes it clear how much your product or service is what your target audience needs.

4. Define a digital marketing strategy

To sell something in the digital environment, people need to know about your business.

So how do you intend to make that happen? To do so, you need to stipulate what your digital marketing strategies will be.

5. Monitor user behavior

You need to know your persona to create effective communication.

Sometimes you have the right product, you just aren't able to communicate properly with your audience.

Therefore, monitor how they are reacting to your campaign and know that it is normal to make mistakes or not succeed in the first campaign.

However, you should take feedback constructively, so gather as much information from users as possible to outdo yourself in the future.

6. Optimize the campaign

If you want to know how to work with mobile digital marketing, you need to understand campaign optimization.

That's one of the most effective ways to improve your results.

And in that regard, there are some applications that can help you manage and optimize your campaigns.


In short, you need the right digital marketing apps if you want to know how to work with the internet on your cell phone.

But which ones are essential? Which ones are indispensable? See the list below.

1. Google Docs (Docs and Spreadsheets)

To manage your campaigns and stay organized, Google Docs is an indispensable document.

After all, it's an app that can be used both on your cell phone and on your computer, which guarantees easy access at any time of the day.

So if you need to organize an editorial calendar or just pass guidelines so that a designer can produce art, Google Docs is essential.

2. WhatsApp

These days, there is no application as popular for communication in Brazil as WhatsApp.

So if you sell online, it's normal for your customers to want to get in touch with you.

Because, through this app, it is possible to solve any doubts of the consumer and consolidate a purchase.

So, to make it easier, you can create a link to WhatsApp and send it to your customers, making contact easier.

3. Trell

If you have a project that involves your team, sometimes it can be a little difficult to assign roles or organize ideas.

However, Trello has the function of organizing all this through a simple platform.

Other than that, if you're a manager, you'll have all the project information on the agenda at your fingertips.

After all, once all the functions have been delegated, it becomes possible to monitor the progress of the project in real time.

4. Freshsales

In addition to fixed customers, it is necessary to keep an eye on potential customers.

Because of this, the purpose of Freshsales is to gather and control your entire list of leads.

That way, you follow them closely to try to make them actually become your buyers.

5. Canvas

Have you ever heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? In this case, a good graphic and visual design makes all the difference, even to stick in your customers' minds.

Because of this, Canva is a great ally in this regard.

Well, if you want to make some posts on social media, for example, you need to create a more professional look.

And, through Canva it is possible to obtain this result in a simple and fast way.

6. Pocket

Another app tip for anyone who wants to learn how to work with digital marketing on their cell phone is to use Pocket.

After all, to stay current in the market, you need to keep an eye on all the news and tips.

However, in the face of constant updates, how to do this? In short, Pocket lets you save, save and organize content to read or watch later.

That is, if you've come across an article that will help you increase your engagement, but you don't have time to read it, just use the app to save the link.

Is it possible to work with digital marketing over the cellphone while underage?

Currently, many young people seek to learn how to work with the internet.

After all, the possibility of high earnings is very high, in addition to the quality of life that the home office provides.

So, if you're wondering if it's possible to work with digital marketing on your cell phone as a minor, know that the possibility not only exists but is also accessible to everyone.

However, parents or guardians need to support and agree to this lifestyle.

In addition, it is recommended to study to specialize in the area.

In this way, the ideal is to buy a reference digital marketing course in the market or an SEO mentorship or other strategies.


In general, there are several ways to make money with digital marketing while underage.

However, you need to understand the needs and what to do to make this possible.

So, to learn how to work with digital marketing on mobile as a minor, read the following topics.

What-does-it-needs-to work with digital-marketing-by-mobile-underage age

In short, to work with digital marketing via cell phone while being a minor, you need to:

  1. Family or guardian support;
  2. Understand the forms of monetization and its limitations;
  3. Deep into one or more digital marketing strategies;
  4. Build an audience on social media, YouTube and/or a blog.


To start working with digital marketing as a minor, I recommend following the steps below.

  1. Create a Twitter account, Instagram, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel;
  2. Understand and attract your target audience;
  3. Create a blog and generate quality content frequently (content marketing);
  4. Monetize your blog and YouTube channel with Google AdSense;
  5. Register as an affiliate on the main affiliates;
  6. Study about business and investment methods.


Just like any other profession, working with digital marketing via mobile also requires efforts and planning.

Because of this, try to follow all the tips above to leverage your success.

Also, focus, commit and be patient, as the result may not be immediate.

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