Marketing for underwear: 10 tips from the experts

Marketing for underwear: 10 tips from the experts

Intimate fashion marketing needs to be thought out strategically to make this type of business grow sustainably.

After all, if you have an online or physical store, you need to invest in marketing strategies to stand out from the competition.

In other words, having a professional profile on social media, promoting your store on marketplaces and creating an attractive storefront in the physical space are some examples of marketing for underwear.

What is marketing for underwear?

In short, marketing for underwear is a way to make your brand stand out among your main competitors.

Therefore, digital marketing strategies start with choosing the name for the clothing store.

After all, you need to choose an attractive name to create a brand and attract the attention of your customers.

Marketing for underwear: 10 tips from the experts

With your brand name, digital marketing strategies gain direction, such as using tools to help with online advertising.

E-commerce had a significant growth in the last crises in the country.

That's why many brands are betting on digital marketing strategies to stand out from the competition.

So, to stand out among the profiles of brands on the internet, a tip is to bet on content relevant to your niche.

This way, it is possible to educate the public to walk through the sales funnel of your underwear company, this strategy is known as content marketing.

10 marketing-tips for underwear

To help you stand out from the competition, check out 10 underwear marketing tips that will help you build your underwear brand's strategic sales plan.

1. Profile the ideal customer

The first step in planning your underwear marketing strategies is to profile your store's ideal customer. In other words, find the perfect customer to buy from your business.

So, to define a persona for your business, you can apply some data research tools. For example, a questionnaire asking your customers questions.

Thus, to create the ideal profile of your client, you need to create a form with questions, such as:

  • Gender;
  • Age group;
  • Profession;
  • Address;
  • Difficulties encountered when buying lingerie;< /li>
  • What is the ideal type of store to buy from;
  • Customer's main dreams, challenges and fears.

In this way, the idea is to anticipate customer demand by strategically planning their sales journey.

In other words, offering the product at the right time for purchase.

2. Invest in an attractive look for the store

For the entrepreneur who already owns his business, investing in an attractive look for the intimate fashion store is an indispensable step.

After all, this underwear marketing tip is valid for both the online lingerie store and the physical sales space.

So, see below for each of these sales strategies.


In short, a business card of a physical store of intimate fashion is the window. Therefore, this space needs to be prioritized.

In addition, the organization of products, decoration and colors must be attractive and well thought out.

In other words, avoid placing too many items that could pollute the window.

So, start by determining a color palette, choose the models of pieces that are trends and decorate with objects that match the look of the window.

For the interior spaces of the intimate fashion store, prioritize the good organization of furniture, decoration in general, display of products on shelves and racks.

Underwear-online-shop look

An online store is a showcase of products that fits in the palm of your hand. Therefore, in this tip, the strategy will be to create a website and/or profile on social networks.

Organization is also a high point of this business, mainly, bringing functionality and responsiveness when navigating the platform.

Therefore, it is also necessary to prioritize the disclosure of all relevant information to convert website visits or profile visits into sales.

3. Always study your product

To get ahead of the competition, another marketing tip for underwear is to always study your product.

In other words, knowing what you're selling is essential for your content marketing to be relevant to the internet and improve the customer experience in the physical store.

In addition, a strategy to use before closing sales with an underwear supplier is to get to know the product closely, ask questions about the material, the production process and evaluate other customers.

In other words, have a reliable supplier that meets your customers' expectations and sees your business progress in sales conversion.

4. Social networks are great tools

In short, digital marketing has a lot to contribute to companies. Mainly, the intimate fashion e-commerces (electronic commerce).

As part of these strategies of using social networks as tools to promote your underwear store, there is the creation of a professional profile for the dissemination of posts with relevant content that educate your customers.

In other words, you can use the various tools of social media, such as feed posts, stories, videos, reels and sharing links to calls to action (CTAs).

So, never fail to call a potential customer to action. Always ask him to click on a link or visit your page.

Well, this is a way to attract good customers to the company and generate more sales.

5. Product photos as marketing for underwear

In addition to relevant content to share on your brand's social networks, rock product photography.

After all, the visual appeal of the underwear store will also make the customer walk through the sales funnel.

So, shoot your pieces according to the brand profile, using mannequins, photos of the sets under a surface and hiring models.

If necessary, hire a professional photographer to help with your store photos.

Or, use editing apps and collages before posting your products on social media and the online store.

6. Partner with companies

Speaking of photos with models, we could not leave out partnerships with companies. More precisely with digital influencers.

In other words, sending products to an influencer helps to publicize your company, and you don't necessarily need to hire a model to pose with your pieces.

Then, make contact with potential profiles to contribute to the promotion of your lingerie brand.

Just send the products and in return do a collab with the influencer.

7. Enjoy the commemorative dates

Another marketing tip for underwear is to take advantage of commemorative dates, such as: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, International Women's Day, Christmas and other important dates.

Therefore, focusing on commemorative dates, it is possible to create exclusive campaigns with promotions, sweepstakes and relevant content to address your audience.

Taking advantage of commemorative dates to sell underwear also contributes to publicizing your physical space.

In this way, bet on a themed window decoration and attract the attention of your clientele.

Another tip is to create digital marketing campaigns to increase your audience's engagement on social media.

Finally, the idea is to encourage your customers to post photos of the products purchased at the store.

In order not to be left out as a reference brand in intimate fashion, always be aware of fashion trends in your niche.

In other words, keep an eye on the market for updates on concepts and fashion pieces, because the fashion world is always innovating.

Including the pieces that receive overlaps - such as bras and panties.

In addition, underwear can have a more sensual, comfortable and stylish appeal, so bet on pieces with trims, seasonal colors and technological materials that are in fashion.

In the same way, take the opportunity to invest in varied pieces to win more customers, such as the plus size intimate fashion that is on the rise.

After all, women have different body types and the idea of ​​an underwear store is also to highlight their beauty and increase female self-esteem.

9. Value for good service

Good service is a strategy to win over and retain customers.

Therefore, it is essential to invest in the excellent service of your intimate fashion store.

In other words, if you have a team, do sales training, hold one-on-one feedback and meetings to engage your sales team.

In addition, open a space for ideas that can contribute to improving the service of your business.

In the case of an e-commerce or social network for intimate fashion, the marketing tip is to prioritize online services. That is, chats, service via WhatsApp, email and conversations in direct.

So, take the time to respond to comments on social profiles and be active in the communication channels with your customers.

10. Promote your brand in various channels

One of the golden marketing tips for underwear or any other business is advertising in various channels.

In other words, you can bet on advertising in your physical space and also use digital marketing strategies.

To promote your brand in the vicinity of the store, invest in flyers with good art and relevant information about your business.

Therefore, one idea is to publicize an exclusive promotion with the presentation of flyers for discount redemption.

This way, you can attract new customers to your business.

In addition, make partnerships with businesses in the region, creating a network with discount vouchers and redemption of gifts in the store.

Use social media to interact with your followers, invest in paid traffic to promote your brand and reach more customers.

After all, creating relevant content helps nurture your audience.

That's why it's worth creating interactive posts with current affairs in the fashion world.


In short, marketing for underwear is essential to make a brand stand out in this area of ​​activity.

Therefore, follow these 10 tips from experts in the field to increase your company's visibility and improve your sales.

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