Names for Instagram: original and creative ideas

Names for Instagram: original and creative ideas

  • Lucas Ferraz
  • January/2022

Names for Instagram: original and creative ideas

It is essential to use creativity to create names for Instagram, after all, this information is among some that make up what can generate the first impression on people who access your account.

Names for Instagram: original and creative ideas

Without a doubt, the username on Insta is the first thing users read when they enter a profile.

Therefore, it is essential to meet some requirements, they are:

  • First, use a simple and short name;
  • Also, do not use special characters and numbers;
  • Avoid using terms from other languages;
  • Finally, if the name you wanted isn't available, get creative to come up with an easy Instagram name.

Also, consider your Instagram and/or other social media persona to create a name and bio that makes sense to your audience.

So before I continue, you might be interested in my Instagram bio guide to creating a unique and creative bio.

How to change name on Instagram?

Follow the steps below to change your name on Instagram:

  1. First, go to your profile page;
  2. Then click “Edit Profile”;
  3. Finally, change the name and click “Finish ”.

On the same screen it is possible to change some information, such as:

  • Pronoun;
  • Bio;
  • Website.


Below, learn how to create creative names for Instagram.

However, you must have an account on the social network, if not, access my guide on how to create an Instagram account in a few steps.

Next, I recommend that you make a list of possible names before deciding which one to use.

Below, see some tips on how to choose a name for Instagram.

Tips to create names for Instagram

Below, see some tips on how to create a name for Instagram.

1 - Create a unique name

Currently, due to the popularity of the social network, it is very difficult for you to create a user with your name.

That's why you can play around with words so that your Instagram name is unique, simple and intuitive.

For example: @4lucasferraz.

2 - Leverage your niche

If you have a brand or content pattern, the recommendation is to use your niche in the Instagram name.

That way, even if someone doesn't know you, they'll know what the profile is about before they even enter your profile.

For example: @lucasferrazmarketing.

3 - Be creative

In short, a creative name, in addition to being a good idea, can also generate people's interest.

For example: @luscasferraz.

4 - Use your most distinctive feature

Each one has a distinctive feature, so it's a great idea to leverage yours when creating a name on Instagram.

For example: @lucaszoeiro.

5 - Use your favorite hobby

Do you have a hobby that sets you apart from most people? You can use this hobby in your name on social media.

For example: @lucasviajante.


In short, it is not a good idea to use a name generator for Instagram, after all, there is no accuracy in the results.

So here are some Instagram name tips for the most popular niches.

1. Names for female Instagram

On a feminine Instagram, creativity and femininity can be used to create a name, so here are some tips:

  • Use the _(underscore) at the beginning, at the end or to separate the first name from the last name;
  • Reverse the order of your last name and first name;
  • Use a hobby;
  • Use a nickname.

Name Ideas for Girls Instagram

See a list of names for female Instagram.

  • @flor(name);
  • @diariode(name);
  • @linda(name);
  • @infinitode(name) ;
  • @candy(name).

2. Names for male Instagram

Most of the time, male Instagram names are serious or fun, so consider:

  • Insert a nickname;
  • Use a hobby;
  • Put a trait.

Men's Instagram name ideas

  • @sir(name);
  • @mr(name);
  • @the(name);
  • @(name)player .

3. Baby Instagram Names

Baby Instagram accounts are very common these days, so it is also interesting to come up with good names for these profiles.

So here are some tips:

  • Use a nickname;
  • Insert a childlike characteristic (For example: naughty or sleepy);
  • Be creative with some outfit, toy, etc.
  • li>

Baby Instagram name ideas

  • @(name);
  • @cupcake(name);
  • @teddy bear(name);
  • @cupcake(name);
  • @baby(name);
  • @little(name);
  • @little(name);
  • @world(name) );
  • @universe(name);
  • @dosediariade(name).

4. Digital Marketing Instagram Names

Most of the time, digital marketing profiles are from consultants, service providers or affiliates.

So creating an original and authentic name can make all the difference.

So, study the competition and use your creativity and come up with a list of possible names to put on Instagram.

Digital Marketing Instagram Name Ideas

Below, see some names to put on female Instagram.

  • @(name)marketing;
  • @agency(name);
  • @(name)web;
  • @(name)digital .

5. Phrases Instagram Names

Because they are so popular, Insta phrase profiles usually have a lot of followers.

In addition, there are a multitude of naming options for this type of profile.

Phrases Instagram name ideas

  • @(name)phrases;
  • @(name)andthinkers;
  • @reflections(name);
  • @introspeccoes(name) .

6. Names for Instagram Pages

First, you need to know your page's niche to create a catchy name.

So, study your audience and competitor profiles.

Instagram page name ideas

  • @(name)(niche);
  • @(subniche)(name).

7. Beauty and Aesthetics Instagram Names

Before thinking of a name for a beauty and aesthetics Insta, study some profiles of the segment.

Also, create something with clear, objective meaning.

Beauty and Aesthetics Instagram Name Ideas

See some names for manicure, beauty and aesthetics Instagram.

  • @salao(name);
  • @clinica(name);
  • @(name)beauty;
  • @(name)estetica .

8. Names for slimming Instagram

Currently many people think about losing weight, after all, most of the world's population is at some level of obesity.

So it is essential to use your niche keywords in the name to increase profile discovery.

Slimming Instagram name ideas

See some suggestions for Instagram nutrition and weight loss names.

  • @emagrecacom(name);
  • @emformacom(name);
  • @(name)personal;

9. Photo Instagram Names

You must have come across some Instagram photography by now.

After all, the social network is a great place to promote your portfolio and attract good clients.

Then, consider the tips below:

  • Create a simple and intuitive name;
  • Include your niche in the name;
  • Do not include numbers;
  • If you work in a sub-niche , use it in your name.

Photo Instagram Name Ideas

  • @(name)photography;
  • @studio(name);
  • @(name)photography;
  • @pelaslentesde(name) ;
  • @(name)children's photos;
  • @(name)photoessays.

10. Makeup Instagram Names

In addition to the glamor of the segment, the makeup niche is very sophisticated.

However, because it's saturated, it's hard to come up with a good name for a makeup Insta, so here are some tips:

  • Use an objective name;
  • Put your niche or sub-niche.

Makeup Instagram Name Ideas

  • @(name)makeup;
  • @(name)makeupartistica;
  • @maquiagensda(name);
  • @makesda(name) .

11. Art Instagram Names

In short, creating a name for an Insta art takes a lot of creativity.

After all, that's what you'd expect from a highly creative niche.

Therefore, consider the following tips.

  • Use your niche in the name;
  • Consider using synonyms;
  • Create a creative and objective name.

Art Instagram name ideas

Name suggestions for art Instagram:

  • @casadearte(name);
  • @atelier(name);
  • @(name)artecia;
  • @space(name) ;
  • @tribe(name).

12. Fashion Instagram Names

Another type of profile that has become popular on Instagram is the fashion one.

In addition, it is common for users to receive advertisements from clothing and footwear stores on Instagram.

So, if you have a fashion profile on the social network, see the tips below.

  • First, have your niche written in the name;
  • Also, if your store sells clothes of a specific style, take the opportunity to put it in the name of Instagram;
  • Finally, do not mention third-party brands, be original.

Fashion Instagram name ideas

Check out some names for Instagram sales of clothes, shoes, etc.

  • @(name)fashion;
  • @lojaderoupa(name);
  • @(name)shoes;
  • @loja(name) .

13. Names for Instagram in English

English names on Instagram are very popular.

After all, more and more people learn a new term in English.

However, it takes a lot of caution to create an English name on Instagram, so please consider:

  • Try more familiar terms first;
  • Also, don't use a difficult term;
  • Finally, consider the pronunciation.
  • Name Ideas for Instagram in English

    • @beauty(name);
    • @smart(name);
    • @good(name);
    • @dear(name) ;
    • @nice(name);
    • @hiim(name).

    Additional tips

    Below are some additional tips to make your Instagram more relevant and authentic.

    1. How to put different letters on Instagram

    In most cases, using different and beautiful fonts on Instagram can make your profile more cheerful, fun or mysterious.

    So, if you're interested, use my different and beautiful letter generator to put on Instagram and other social networks.

    2. How to get followers on Instagram

    In short, the methods on how to gain followers on Instagram are simple, so check out some tips.

    1. First, create an impactful profile;
    2. Also, always make valuable posts;
    3. Insert location in all your posts;
    4. Stimulate the engagement of your audience;
    5. Always use hashtags;
    6. Finally, publish and make stories every day.

    However, in addition to the tips above, consider keeping your profile public.

    After all, it is not possible to see a private account on Instagram.

    3. How to get engagement on Instagram

    To increase your engagement on the social network, follow the tips below.

    Use the Instagram question box

    First, you need to know your audience to approach a question and answer strategy.

    Next, study to find out what to put in the Instagram question box to generate good response opportunities.

    After all, getting people to interact with your posts will stimulate the delivery of your content.

    Also, take advantage of opportunities to come up with funny or thoughtful responses, as this type of content is great on Insta.

    Discover the best times to post on Instagram

    In short, a surefire method to dramatically increase profile engagement is to post at times when most of your audience is online.

    So run tests to find out what are the best times to post on Instagram and get more engagement.

    After all, it's no use posting a new photo if your followers are offline.

    Your content will not receive likes and comments.

    Also, ideally, your post gets as many likes and comments as possible.

    Use stories to increase profile engagement

    The story is a very popular feature on the social network, as it is the most used feature on Instagram.

    So use my guide on how to increase Instagram engagement with Stories to increase your profile delivery.

    There are several ways to interact with the public and stimulate engagement.

    After all, having a strategy for your stories allows you to get closer to your followers.

    Repost high-value content

    In general, content can have multiple value types.

    In other words, these contents can serve to reflect, laugh, etc.

    That's why you can repost some third-party content on Instagram.

    However, it is essential that you only repost content that is of interest to your audience.

    In other words, it's no use reposting beauty content for a gamer audience.

    4. How to get likes on Instagram

    There is only one surefire method to get more likes on Instagram, so consider the tips below.

    1. First, post quality photos that are of interest to your audience;
    2. Next, write an attention-grabbing caption that generates value;
    3. Furthermore , use the best filters;
    4. Consider expanding your audience;
    5. Repost good content;
    6. Create viral content;
    7. Finally, always use good hashtags on Instagram to increase the discovery of your posts.

    In general, the actions above allow you to dramatically increase the delivery of your content to your followers.

    In addition, this way it is possible for your content to be delivered in the Explore tab.


    In short, these are the best Instagram name tips and ideas.

    So consider following these recommendations to make your audience feel closer to you or your brand.

    This way, your profile will certainly gain more followers and engagement on the platform.

    Finally, make a list of Instagram name ideas before making up your mind.

    Next, choose one of the names to put on Instagram to be more assertive.

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