Search engines: the biggest search engines in the world

Search engines: the biggest search engines in the world

First and foremost, search engines are tools that provide search results. In addition, the most famous search engines in the world are: Google, Bing, Ask and Yandex.

Firstly, due to the large amount of data available on the internet every day, search engines emerged to classify and facilitate access to pages on the internet.

However, in addition to contributing to the world, search engines profit very high, as they provide spaces for companies to advertise online.

However, it is possible to get a better ranking in search engines through SEO (search engine optimization).

What are search sites?

In short, a search engine is a system capable of discovering, cataloging and searching pages and files on the internet.

So, to make it easier, search engines use the keywords entered by the user when searching.

Search engines: the biggest search engines in the world

The system then returns a list of pages related to the keyword searched.

What are the types of search-sites?

Although there are some types of search engines, technically, there are three types of search engines, they are:


Above all, directories are catalogs of sites divided by niches.

But even if they are simple systems, maintenance is required to make them work properly.

After all, as directories do not search for sites and do not have an automatic cataloging system, users must request the insertion of their sites.

That is, an administrator needs to do the review.

Hierarchical search engines

Hierarchical search engines are textual interrogation interfaces, that is, they use spiders (crawlers) to scan the internet, interpret the content and catalogue.


In short, metasearchers send searches to several search engines simultaneously and analyze the search results.

In this way it is possible to improve the results, as there is more information to support the classification.

How does a search-site work?

Understand the processes that make search engines work:

  1. First, the crawlers scour the internet for new pages and updates to those already cataloged;
  2. Next, after finding new information or updates, catalog the contents and links in a database;
  3. So, after some time, the page is indexed and can be found by users through searches and keywords;
  4. < li>Finally, search engines display a list of results on the so-called SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

History of search engines

First launched in 1993, Wandex was the first search engine, but a few months later Aliweb was launched.

Then, in 1994, came WebCrawler, a metasearch launched by students and sold to AOL in 1995.

Then, a few months later, Lycos was launched, being the most visited page in the world in 1999.

Also, Lycos was the first site to use CPM, but the search engine was sold to Earth.

However, in the same year, Excite appeared, still on the air today.

In 1995, Altavista was launched with multi-language and image search functionality, but in 2003 it was sold to Yahoo, which in turn launched a directory in the same period.

However, Yahoo was refactored and today has its own indexing and search algorithm when it was merged with Altavista and Inktomi, also purchased by Yahoo.

So too, in 1998, Google emerged and became the best search engine in the world due to the PageRank algorithm that compared pages to create a ranking more assertive to the interests of users.

Finally, Ask was launched in 2007 and Bing in 2009 with the aim of creating a user experience superior to Google's.

What are the best-search sites in the world?

In short, it can be said that it is very difficult to reach first position in Google, however, there are many other search engines on the internet.

So, even though many of these search engines are not popular in Brazil, they are very effective and known in other countries.

So check out other search engines you may not know about.

  1. Google;
  2. Bing;
  3. Yandex;
  4. Baidu;
  5. Duck Duck Go;
  6. MSN Search;
  7. Yahoo;
  8. AOL;
  9. ASK;
  10. AURA;
  11. Boing ;
  12. Dumbfine;
  13. MetaGlossary;
  14. Earth.

But in addition to the sites above, there are hundreds of sites whose purpose is to search for content.

What is the biggest search engine in the world?

Above all, Google is the largest search engine in the world, being predominant in several countries.

After all, it is estimated that more than 5 billion searches are performed per day, which makes it the largest internet search site in the world.

How to change the default-search-site of Google Chrome?

First of all, to learn how to change the Google Chrome search site, follow the steps below.

  1. Firstly, open Chrome;
  2. Then click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner and access the Settings option;
  3. Also, access the Search Engine option;
  4. Then click the arrow next to "The search engine used in the address bar";
  5. Finally, simply enter the desired search engine.

What are the best-search engines?

Check the list of search engines divided by categories.

Scientific article search sites

Below, see the best search engines for scientific articles:

  • Google Scholar;
  • DeepDyve.

Search sites that are metasearchers

  • Dogpile;
  • Metacrawler;
  • Copernic.

Price Lookup Sites

Check out the list of product search, shopping and price comparison sites.

  • Already Cotei;
  • Zoom;
  • As well as Buscapé;
  • Bondfaro;
  • Finally, Reduce.

Green Search Sites

Looking for a search engine that plants trees or cares about sustainability? See the list below.

  • Gigablast;
  • Ecosia.

Hotel Search Sites

See the list of the best hotel search sites.

  • Booking;
  • Trivago;
  • Airbnb;
  • Hurb;
  • As well as Expedia;
  • TripAdvisor;
  • Finally, Tripping.

Job search sites

Need job search sites? Check out the list below.

  • LinkedIn;
  • InfoJobs;
  • Catho;
  • SINE;
  • Indeed;
  • Trovit;
  • Finally, Emprega Brasil.

Flight search sites

  • eDestinos;
  • Google Flights;
  • Skyscanner;
  • As well as Submarino Viagens ;
  • 123 Miles;
  • MaxMiles;
  • eDreams;
  • Finally, KAYAK.

Search Sites for Used Vehicles

  • Webmotors;
  • Free Market;
  • InstaCarro;
  • OLX;
  • < /ul>

    Auction Search Sites

    • Search for Auctions;
    • Property Auction;
    • Judicial Auctions;
    • Finally, MGL Auctions.

    Case search sites

    • Jusbrasil;
    • Excavator;

    Search sites for e-books and presentations

    • SlideShare;
    • Scribd;
    • ISBNdb.

    Blog Search Site

    • Blog Search Engine.

    Music and Movie Search Sites

    • YouTube;
    • Vimeo;
    • Soundtrack;
    • Finally, IMDB.

    Image and video search sites

    • Google Images;
    • Youtube;
    • Pixabay;
    • Finally, Freepik.

    Mention and Content Search Sites

    • Keyhole;
    • BuzzSumo;
    • Finally, SocialMention.

    Data and statistics search sites

    • BuiltWith;
    • SimilarWeb.

    Bids search sites

    • Government Procurement Portal;
    • Licitações-e Portal;
    • Also, the Caixa Econômica Federal Portal;
    • Public Procurement Portal;
    • Electronic Shopping Bag Portal (BEC);
    • As well as the Siga Espírito Santo Portal;
    • Siga Rio de Janeiro Portal;
    • Minas Gerais Shopping Portal;
    • The Bahia Shopping Portal;
    • Santa Catarina Shopping Portal;
    • Rio Grande do Sul Shopping Portal;
    • As well as the Paraná Shopping Portal;
    • Goiás Shopping Portal;
    • Ceará Shopping Portal;
    • The Federal District Shopping Portal ;
    • Finally, the Amazon Shopping Portal.

    Address and Phone Lookup Sites

    • Google Maps;
    • Yelp.

    Frequently asked questions

    Next, see the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

    Do search engines manipulate results?

    In short, there is no information that proves that search engines manipulate the results.

    Is there a hashtag search site?

    Above all, to find the best hashtags, use the sites below:

    • Tag It;
    • Magnif for Instagram;
    • As well as TagsForLikes;
    • TagsDock;
    • Finally , TagBlender.

    Is there a Brazilian search engine?

    Currently, the only online Brazilian search engine is Aonde.

    What are the best search engines like Google?

    The best search engines when compared to Google are: Bing, Baidu and Yandex.


    In short, search engines are essential for the daily lives of Internet users.

    However, some search engines have segmentation to facilitate user usability, so it is made for a specific persona.

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