Transition words for SEO: what is it and how to use it

Transition words for SEO: what is it and how to use it

First of all, quality text needs to be scannable, and this is practically impossible without the transition words.

In other words, transition terms are resources of the Portuguese language, however, when used in texts used in SEO and content marketing, there is an improvement in results

For example, if you use the Yoast plugin in Wordpress, you may have already noticed that one of the criteria for optimal readability is to use around 30% transition words in the content.

This article covers:

What are transition words?

The transition words are a Portuguese language resource to improve the readability and understanding of a sentence, paragraph or text.

Transition words for SEO: what is it and how to use it

So, since one of the pillars of SEO is content marketing, using transition terms in articles is very important.

Below, see the same information being passed in two separate sentences, one with the transition word and the other without:

  • SEO is one of the digital marketing strategies that provide the highest ROI. Making website optimization one of the most sought after services after creating a website.
  • SEO is one of the digital marketing strategies that provide a higher ROI. Therefore, website optimization is one of the most sought after services after creating a website.

If you read both paragraphs aloud, you will find that reading the second is more fluid.

Also, consider that this example was just one sentence, after all, when it comes to medium or long text, the need for transition words is clear.

Finally, the transition terms help to link different sentences together, making reading easier and more comfortable.

How do transition words impact SEO?

In short, transition words will not improve your site's organic ranking.

The aim of content marketing and SEO is to provide clear, direct and quality content.

Therefore, the more readable your article, the better your users will experience on this page.

Understand the benefits of transition terms and why they affect SEO.

1. Better scanability

The transition words have a direct relationship to the concept of readability.

In other words, text with easy readability is fluid content and easy to understand.

However, when it comes to internet and SEO, there are other factors that impact the scanability of texts, they are:

  • Diagramming by style sheets (CSS);
  • Images;
  • Use of passive voice;
  • Variety of phrases and terms;< /li>
  • Distribution of subheads;
  • Paragraph lengths;
  • Sentence lengths.

However, there are other factors that contribute to the scannability of an article, such as the use of bold, italics and underlining.

2. Improved metrics

Transition words are also related to some important SEO metrics, they are:

  • Dwell time: Average amount of time users have been on your page. It tends to be higher when the text has a good scanability;
  • Bounce rate: percentage of users who left your page without taking any action. It is usually smaller when the site has good readability.

Transition key wordlist

In general, transition words can be divided into categories, they are:

  • Introduction words;
  • Continuation terms;
  • Time words;
  • Similarity and comparison terms;
  • li>And closing words.

Check the examples below.

Introduction words

  • In advance;
  • First of all;
  • First of all;
  • At first;
  • At first view;
  • Above all;
  • Beforehand;
  • From now;
  • First of all;
  • Mostly;
  • Primarily;
  • Above all;
  • Firstly.

Continued Words

  • Even more;
  • Still;
  • Furthermore;
  • Nevertheless;
  • As well as;< /li>
  • However;
  • In the same way;
  • In other words;
  • Together with;
  • In this sense;
  • In other words;
  • However;
  • For example;
  • However.

Weather Words

  • Now;
  • Previously;
  • Before;
  • Only;
  • At the same time;
  • While;
  • Sometimes;
  • Currently;
  • Constantly;
  • After;
  • Since;
  • While;
  • Next;
  • Then;
  • Eventually;
  • Finally;
  • Often;
  • Immediately;
  • Soon after;
  • Soon after;
  • In the meantime ;
  • In the meantime;
  • Occasionally;
  • Sometimes;
  • Afterwards;
  • Just before;< /li>
  • A little later;
  • Rarely;
  • Always;
  • Whenever;
  • Simultaneously;
  • As often as.

Similarity and Comparison Words

  • Analogously;
  • On the contrary;
  • As well;
  • As well;
  • As well as;
  • li>
  • According to;
  • In the same way;
  • According to;
  • In the same way;
  • Otherwise;
  • In the same way;
  • On the other hand;
  • Equally;
  • By analogy;
  • On the other hand ;
  • Second;
  • Similarly;
  • Similarly;
  • From the same point of view;
  • Such which;
  • As much as.

Conclusion Words

  • Above all;
  • After all;
  • Like this;
  • As a result;
  • Definitely;
  • Like this;
  • In conclusion;
  • In summary;
  • At last;
  • Logo;
  • li>In short;
  • Finally;
  • Therefore;
  • Lastly.

General remarks

First, it's not enough to just use the transition words at random, always rely on readability.

In other words, use transition terms whenever you start, continue, or end an approach.

How to choose transition words?

If you produce content with the persona in mind, use transition words that match your tone and writing.

Priorize User Experience

First of all, prioritize your user experience and consider your persona characteristics.

With that in mind, study about Copywriting to understand how to apply didactics and persuasion in your content.

Look for references

If you are not in the habit of reading regularly, look for references on the subject you want to write about and observe the use of transition terms.


Finally, the transition words for SEO allow you to expand the results of one or other digital marketing campaigns.

Therefore, the better the scanability and quality of your content, the less effort it will take to rank in search results.

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