Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy that aims to improve organic results in search engines, such as Google, for example. In this way, sites that have good organic rankings are more likely to be the options chosen by those who browse the internet.

After all, when a person browses the internet, he wants to quickly find the most appropriate result for his search. And often the speed with which she wants to find what she's looking for makes her choose the first sites that appear. Therefore, having good organic rankings greatly increases the possibility of gaining clicks.

It's with this in mind that marketers look for ways to improve their clients' website rankings. Techniques such as link building, use of keywords, as well as creating relevant content are some of the strategies adopted by professionals in this field. The aim is always the same: to generate better results for your customers.

One tool that many professionals still don't know about is the VPN. This technology came on the scene to offer a completely different navigability for those who want to use the internet. Whether for professional purposes or even to get to know your competitors, VPN is a great ally in the search for better results for SEO campaigns.

But what are the real advantages of this technology for those looking to have better results with SEO? How can you take advantage of this platform to achieve better metrics for your customers? Learn everything you need to know in this quick guide to using VPN for SEO.


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Find and research keywords in the local market

The first big advantage of using VPN for SEO is finding more keywords so you can target your content to the keywords that are most likely to bring you results. When using VPN, your device's location is changed. With this, you browse as if you were somewhere else.

So the results you see are different from the actual results that should appear for you. With this, you have a greater immersion in the position of the person you want to reach. After all, you can test the different keywords, see the results that appear, and understand which ones are more likely to stand out.

Browse Safer

The VPN helps to have a much safer browsing for those who want to search for information on the internet. It is undeniable to include this aspect as a VPN advantage for those who work with SEO. After all, if you're self-employed, for example, you'll be able to work from anywhere and find results based on locations completely different from where you are.

If you are a marketer, you will certainly need to be very careful with your customer's information. After all, you don't want them to fall into the wrong hands and bring your business into legal trouble. Therefore, any element that brings more security for you to do your research is very interesting.

Compare results from competing sites

In addition to finding the data of the sites that compete with your business, you also need to understand that it is necessary to understand these sites. What's different about them? Why do they appear first on Google? How can you be better than them to show up earlier and have a better chance of converting?

These are some pertinent questions you should ask yourself to be able to audit your competitors' sites and see how you can be better. After all, in addition to understanding your website, you also need to understand how to gain more space in each market you want to reach.

Test VPN to improve your SEO results

VPN has many advantages for marketers and people looking to improve their SEO results. Its use is also much more interesting for those who want to have safer browsing than people who do not use this technology. For the full experience, use this feature in every way possible.

To test the results with SEO use not only your computer, but also your mobile device with VPN. After all, the organic results that appear in search engines vary depending on which device you are using. To understand your market, nothing better than putting yourself in the position of the person who is researching in the best possible way.

To further innovate, go beyond the VPN uses we share and try to improve this technology even further so that your campaign results are even better.

Lucas Ferraz

Lucas Ferraz

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